Monday, February 9, 2009

5.2 The Lie

In the Lost beginning, there were a small group of provision-free survivors forced to fend for themselves on a wild island. Once again, this is true, at least for a few moments; until out of the air fly numerous flaming arrows. Whereas Bernard was unable to get a fire going, someone on the other side of the trees was having better luck. Their first arrow wiped out the annoying Neil Frogurt. No longer would he berate Bernard’s Boy Scout skills or call Sawyer an inbred. Other arrows hit trees, usually when people were hiding behind them and poking their heads out for a look, as they have been wont to do since the first cowboy and injun movie.

But flaming arrows were not the only problems. Sawyer and Juliet ran into some crazed and armed British troops with a penchant for extracting information from their prisoners by using a Middle Eastern style of punishment – the lopping of the hand. In this case, it was Juliet’s hand. Fortunately for her, Locke came out of nowhere, fists and knife flying, and killed / scattered the crazy soldiers.

One other problem belongs to Charlotte. She had a nosebleed in the last episode, and this time, she mentions to Dan that she is losing her long-term memory. Dan may know something about what is causing her condition (perhaps it is a symptom of time-jumping), but if he does know anything, he’s keeping it a secret.

On the mainland, Hurley is visited by the Ghost of Ana Lucia past. She tells him to change his clothes and get the drugged Sayid to a safe place. With no other shirt to turn to and no other place to go to, he chooses a yellow ‘I love my Shih Tzu’ ‘T’ and home. His dad helps him by deflecting the staked-out cops, and again by driving the nearly lifeless body of Sayid to Jack. Jack takes Sayid to the hospital and revives him, but he gets a near strangling as thanks before Sayid realizes who he is strangling and stops.

Meanwhile Hugo gets some peace of mind when he tells his mother the true abbreviated story of what happened after the crash. His peace is short-lived, for Ben comes to visit. Warned off by Sayid, Hurley doesn’t accept Ben’s plea to come with and return to the island, and instead, complicates Ben’s plans by turning himself into the waiting arms of the LAPD.

Dejected, Ben has to report to the Queen of Time (Mrs Hawkings) that he is having some difficulties. These are compounded when she tells him that he only has 70 hours to get everyone back on the island, and that if he fails, bad things are going to happen (one again, I believe this is ‘Ghostbusters’ style  bad).


Just when I was enjoying the situation where, a small group of survivors had to fend for themselves on an island, with no ‘Others’ to threaten them, those arrows came flying.

Memorable Moments

Þ   Watching Ben trying once again to use his art of persuasion, this time on Hurley

Quotable Quotes

Ben: Any Luck?
Ms Hawkings Yes, what about you?
Ben: I'm having some difficulties.
Ms. Hawkings: Well, you better get busy, because you only have 70 hours.
Ben: What, no, no, that's not enough time. What I need…
Ms. Hawkings: What you need is irreverent. 70 hours is what you got.
Ben: Look, I lost Reyes tonight. So what happens if I can't get them all to come back?
Ms Hawkings: Then God help us all.

Ben: John's casket is outside in a carpet van. I need to move it somewhere safe.
Jack: Safe? He's dead isn't he?

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