Friday, March 6, 2009

5.4 The Little Prince

Kate is trying to find out who wants to take Aaron away from her. She meets with the lawyer who came to her door demanding blood samples a couple of episodes ago, and offers to give the samples in exchange for talking to the person – but it’s no deal. Instead, she tails the lawyer. She is joined by Jack. He is trying to assemble everyone as per Ben’s instructions, and, having found a piece of paper with Kate’s address in an assassin’s pocket, he is a little concerned. The lawyer leads them to Claire’s mother, but it’s a red herring – she does not even know that Aaron exists. The real culprit is Ben – he admits to wanting to take Aaron away, but never really explains why.

Jack has finished ridding Sayid of most of the horse tranquilizer that was shot into his body. There’s no respite, as Sayid is visited by an orderly who tries to shoot him with more darts. Sayid bests the guy in true Sayid style, somehow springing from the bed quickly and quietly despite the fact that just seconds ago he looked almost catatonic.

Meanwhile, Kate has left Aaron is the capable babysitting hands of Sun. But Sun is not your conventional babysitter – she’s been twisting the Forrest Gump script into ‘Death is like a box of chocolates’. I’m referring to her unusual delivery of a handgun hidden under a box of chocolates, of course.

Ben has assembled as many survivors as he could wrangle at a pier; Sun drives up with her gun ready and Aaron asleep in the back, watching Ben and getting ready to pounce.

Back on the island, Charlotte’s condition is worsening. The latest jump knocks her out for more than 10 minutes, frustrating Sawyer and causing Juliette to start asking some hard questions to Daniel, who finally admits that he thought something like this might happen.

Meanwhile, Locke convinces Sawyer that they must get back to the Orchid, so he can leave the island, bring everyone back, and fix all this. He tells Sawyer that they must come back to save everyone – and he says he knows everyone is still alive.

The flashes continue, bringing glimpses of earlier times on the island. It’s like walking through a clip show. In one clip, Sawyer, who is ahead of the group, watches Kate helping Claire give birth.

On the beach, the group find an outrigger. They take it, and are soon pursued by people in another outrigger, firing at them. A flash once again saves them. They make it to the shore and find French-labelled wreckage.

We now see French-speaking people in a raft. They also make it to shore (a different shore). In the morning, they find a stranger washed up as well – Jin! He is comforted by a young pregnant woman who identifies herself as Danielle Rousseau.


The numbers figure prominently in this episode: Sun has 16 chocolates delivered; Kate lives at 42 Panorama Crest; Sayid was unconscious for 42 hours.

The name ‘Canton-Rainier’ on the side of Ben’s van is a anagram of ‘reincarnation’.

Memorable Moments

  • It was great to see Jin again


When Locke and gang are in the outrigger and a flash occurs, they reappear, still in the outrigger, but in stormy conditions. Shouldn’t the outrigger have disappeared?

Quotable Quotes

Jack: Tomorrow morning I'm going to have to convince everyone to lie. If it's just me they're never going to go for it. So I'm going to turn to you first. Are you with me?
Kate: I have always been with you.

Daniel: It’s like really bad jet-lag.
Juliette: Really bad jet-lag doesn’t make you hemmorhage, Daniel.

"I think they want their boat back!"
- Miles (paddling and avoiding bullets)

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