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6.11 Everybody Loves Hugo

Summary and Spoilers

In the alternative universe:

At a tribute dinner for Hurley with Dr. Mark Wickman as the M.C., we learn that Hugo has not only been wildly successful financially by expanding his chicken franchise, but that he is also heralded for his philanthropic exploits. His only weak area is with getting dates – but his mother has remedied that by setting up a blind one for him with a neighbor’s daughter. His date shows Rosalita shows up, but it isn’t Rosalita – it’s Libby, who saw her from across the room. Libby says she knows Hugo, that they are connected like soul-mates. She remembers him, but he doesn’t reciprocate. She is taken away by Dr. Brooks, who is minding her on her day out from the Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute. Afterward, he soothes his frustration by eating a full bucket of Mr. Cluck by himself. Desmond walks into the fast food place and talks to Hurley, mentioning that he remembers him from flight 815. Desmond sits down and Hurley explains the source of his depression. When Hurley mentions that Libby said she knew him before, Desmond strongly suggests that Hurley go with his gut instinct that it is true and try to find out more.

Hurley visits Dr. Brooks and asks to see Libby. Brooks says it isn’t a good idea, but he changes his mind when Hurley offers him a 100 thousand dollar donation. Hurley meets Libby in the recreation area. Libby remembers the plane crash, the island, and Hurley. She hopes that Hurley will remember her, proving that she is not crazy. But he does not remember her. Hurley asks Libby out on a date, and she heartily accepts.
On their beach date, when Libby kisses Hurley, he begins to remember brief flashbacks of the island. They are observed from a distance by Desmond, who sees what is going on and looks satisfied with his meddling.
Desmond moves on to his next encounter. He finds the wheelchair-bound John Locke and unceremoniously drives him car right into him, severely injuring him.

On the island:

Hugo stops by Libby’s grave to speak to her. Ilana stops by on her way to the Black Rock to get dynamite. Then someone else stops by unexpectedly: Michael. His appearance is preceded by whispers, indicating that Michael is already dead. Gee, I miss Michael, and so does Jack, who shows up and cannot see him.

Ilana has four sticks of dynamite to use in blowing up the plane. But she drops the bag and blows herself up instead.

Sawyer and Kate are restless in the Unlocke camp. Unlocke is just whittling a stick, waiting for the stick to tell him what it will become. He is also waiting for everyone to come with him: Sun, Jack, Hurley. His waiting is interrupted by Sayid’s arrival. Sayid brings Desmond as his prisoner.

After Ilana’s sudden death, Richard sets out to get more dynamite. He’s for sticking to the plan. Hurley was questioning the plan earlier, but now seems suddenly confident that blowing up the plane is the correct choice. His steely gaze and even tone convinces Jack, too.

At the Black Rock, Richard’s crew is about to go in the boat, but Hurley snuck around and blew up the Black Rock – and all the dynamite. Richard is incensed, but Hurley says it is to protect everyone. Hurley explains to Miles that he did it because Michael told him to – and when dead people talk, he listens.

Richard now says that they will go to plan B: proceed to Dharma headquarters and get grenade and other explosive. Jack wants to talk about it first. Hurley is more forceful, saying that Jacob is there and that Jacob says they have to talk to Locke. Richard tries to get Hurley to prove that invisible Jacob is standing there, but Hurley says he doesn’t have to prove anything. The group splits; Miles and Ben go with Richard, and the others (Jack, Sun, and Frank) stick with Hurley. That’s ideal for Unlocke, as he soon will be reacquainted with those missing original crashers.

Unlocke unties Desmond and questions him about why he is on the island. Desmond tells all he knows. When Desmond says that the man he is talking to is John Locke, Unlocke asks Sayid to go, and walks with Desmond. A young boy stands a distance away in the woods, watching them. Unlocke angrily tells Desmond to ignore him. Unlocke brings Desmond to a deep old well.

Hurley’s shifty eyes were a telltale that Hurley did not talk to Jacob. He reveals this to Jack as the head through the dark woods toward a meeting with the Smoke Monster. Jack has thrown his support and trust behind Hurley, despite the deception. Privately, Sun and Frank aren’t so sure. Whispers mean that Michael has returned to explain that he and the other whisperers are stuck on the island because of what they did. Hurley asks if he can help; Michael just asks that he not get himself killed. Michael apologizes sincerely for killing Libby.

Hurley and gang come face to face with Unlocke. Unlocke’s face shows pleasure and confidence; Jack’s face shows fear and confusion.


I don’t know what kind of being Unlocke is, but the way he looked at Desmond as he talks about not being afraid makes him seem almost alien in regard to his understanding of human nature.

Memorable Moments

Unlock pushing Desmond into the well

Lost Quotes

"Ilana. There she was: hand-picked by Jacob; trained to come and protect you candidates. No sooner does she tell you who you are…then she blows up. The island was done with her. Makes me wonder what’s gonna happen when it’s done with us."
- Ben

"Dead people are more reliable to alive people."
- Hurley

"I don’t have to prove anything to you, Richard. You can either come with me…or you can keep trying to blow stuff up."
- Hurley

Unlocke: You’re out here, middle of the jungle, with me – not a person on earth even knows you’re here? Why aren’t you afraid?
Desmond: What is the point in being afraid?
[Unlocke pushes Desmond into the well]

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