Wednesday, April 30, 2008

3.1 A Tale of Two Cities

The first episode of season three focuses solely on Jack, Kate, and Sawyer. They are being held in captivity by the Others. We start with a bit of backstory on the Others. They are living on the island in comfortable homes, seemingly living a normal, upper middle class existence. When a tremor occurs, the Oceanic plane crashes. Henry (real name is Ben) send Goodwin and Ethan to infiltrate the groups of survivors.

Cut to the present. Jack is being held in an underground cell while a good-looking woman named Juliette tries to get him to accept some food. She asks some questions, which Jack for the most part refuses to answer, then later reveals that she knows everything about Jack and his family. When Jack finally relents, he uses the opportunity to hold Juliette at poison dart point and demand a way out. Juliette and Ben tell him not to open the door, but he does anyway, flooding the cell with ocean water (it seems they are under water, in a Dharma station called ‘Hydra’). Juliette helps to rescue him, and then knocks him out with one punch.

Sawyer is in a cage used previously to hold bears. He gets shocked when he repeatedly pushes a big red food button, ignoring the advice not to do so by a young man in a cage across the path. The young man (Carl) breaks out and unlocks Sawyer’s cage too, but both are captured immediately. Carl is nabbed and hit in the face by Mr Friendly (Tom - who no longer wears his beard). Sawyer is shot with another tranquilizer dart by Juliette.

Kate is treated differently. She is allowed to have a hot shower, then is made to wear a sundress. She joins Ben for a gourmet breakfast at a gazebo overlooking the ocean. Ben tells her that she is being treated to this because the next two weeks are going to be very unpleasant. Soon, she is in an old-fashioned outdoor zoo cage, across from Sawyer.


Many of the main characters have been torn down. Jack is revealed here to be a man capable of severe jealousy. Sawyer and Charlie have already been torn down numerous times. Locke recently was a whimpering mess. Even Eko resorted to using dynamite. It seems the more we learn about the vulnerabilities of the characters, the less pleasant they are to watch (at least that’s how I feel).

I’m not sure if Lost is moving closer to Jumping the Shark, but I didn’t enjoy this episode. Perhaps it was because it tore down my hero, Jack. Or perhaps I couldn’t get myself too excited about finding out why the Others are doing what they are doing. I don’t want to stay in the world of the Others too long. It has become more of a standard action/torture show, and less about surviving on an island. I think the ‘survivor’ camping out in the elements aspects, in all their simplicity, appealed to me more. There was something special about focusing on the original cast too.

Quotable Quotes

Tom: Hey, you got yourself a fish biscuit! How'd you do that?
Sawyer: Figured out your complicated gizmos, thats how.
Tom: It only took the bears two hours.
Sawyer: (thinks) How many of 'em were there?

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