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3.2 The Glass Ballerina

Kate and Sawyer and taken from their cages under armed guard and forced to do backbreaking work. Kate is told to break rocks with a pickaxe while Sawyer wheelbarrows them away. She objects to wearing the sun dress, and she asks to see Jack first, but her demands are met first by threats of being shocked, and then by Sawyer being shocked. It’s only a quarter strength charge, but Sawyer still is in great pain and takes minutes before he can walk again.

There is conflict on the boat when Sayid wants to sail further north and light another fire. Jin is concerned about his pregnant wife and says they should turn back. Sayid does not want to abandon Jack. Sun sides with Sayid (say that three times fast!) and says she will help Sayid sail the boat. They find the long jetty where Jack and friend parted company with Michael and Walt. Sayid lies, saying the jetty is deserted and that it is a good place to make a signal fire. Later, he reveals to Sun his real motivation – the signal fire will attract the Others, and Sayid will capture two of them and work them for informtion. Sayid asks Sun to hide this information from Jin, but Jin now knows enough English to already know what is going on. Upon hearing that Sayid believes that Jack has been captured, Jin asks to be given a gun. He demonstrates the he knows how to use one. Sun returns alone to the boat, where Sayid says she will be safer; he tells her the location of a gun hidden in the cockput. However, we have had a glimpse at the Others behind the scenes, and know that they have found out about the boat and want it, and have already sent out a team to get it.

Alex hides in the bushes and talls to Kate, asking about Karl, and telling she is wearing her sun dress and it looks better on her.

Six of the Others board the boat. Sun shoots the woman who is team leader and is able to escape, narrowly avoiding gunshots. Sayid apologizes for leading them into danger, and suggests that they start walking back.

Juliette offers Sawyer a canteen of water – he pours it on the ground, then suddenly walks up to Kate and kisses her. This gets the attention of the guards. Sawyer overpowers two of them and gets their rifle, but is forced to give it back when Juliette points a handgun at Kate’s head. Sawyer gets a punch for his trouble, and he and Kate are returned to their cages.

Jack only makes one small appearance in this episode, but it is an important one. He is in his cell, visited by Ben, who pulls up a chair and tells him if he cooperates, he will be allowed to go home. Jack belives that Ben and the Others are trapped, but Ben proves that they have contact with the outside world by rattling off a series of new events that have happened since Jack got stranded. One of them – that the perenial loser Red Sox won the baseball World Series – makes Jack laugh – until Ben rolls a TV out and shows footage of the Sox clinching the series.

The backstory follows Sun. She almost gives in to the temptation to sleep with Yee. Sun’s father finds out about the alleged affair, and, without telling him why, asks Jin to ‘take care of’ Yee. Jin resists but gives in when Sun’s father tells him he is a son, and he must uphold his family’s honor. Jin beats up Yee but stops short of killing him, instead telling him to leave the country and never come back. Jin leaves and while he is down at his car, Yee jumps and kills himself, still holding the pearl necklace that he bought for Sun (and that she refused to take).


We were all fearing for Sun’s life when we saw that she was going to be ‘safe’ on the boat (since we know that the Others were coming to get the boat). Thank goodness another major female character wasn’t killed!

Ben and his mates are looking more and more like a cult. We learn during the Jack/Ben scene that Ben’s full name is Benjamin Linus, and that he has lived his whole life on the island. We also now know that they could leave if they wanted to, but they have chosen to stay.

We still haven’t found out what is happening with the people back on the beach: are Locke and Eko alive?


It’s always a bad idea to split up a group, as Sayid soon finds out when Sun is almost shot and captured while being ‘safe’ and alone on the boat.

Memorable Moments

The subtle glance that Jin makes toward Sun’s fathers hand when that hand is laid on his shoulder

Quotable Quotes

Pickett: Alright, here's the jig - see these rocks, here? That's where you two come in. [points to Kate] You're going to chop them loose. [points to Sawyer] And you're going to haul them out of here.
Kate: You expect me to work in this dress?
Pickett: Well, it's up to you? You can take it off if you want.
Sawyer: [leers at Kate for awhile, then snaps back to reality, and turns to Picket] How dare you?

Sawyer: Are you having fun yet, Freckles?
Kate: Quit staring at my ass.
Sawyer: Give me something else to stare at.

Sawyer: You taste like strawberries.
Kate: You taste like fish biscuits.

Sun: Why are you lying to me, Sayid?
Sayid: And what would you know about lying, Sun?
Sun: You're putting our lives in danger.
Sayid: I'm fairly certain our friends have been captured. There are tracks all over the dock. They're fresh -- as recent as yesterday.
Sun: You said this dock was abandoned.
Sayid: That would be part of the lying you mentioned.

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