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4.11 Cabin Fever

Locke, Hurley, and Ben are still trying to find the cabin, with no luck. There is confusion: Ben has been following Hurley, but Hurley has been following Locke. No one knows where the cabin is, so Locke makes an executive decision to make camp.

In a dream, Locke is visited by a Dharma employee Horace, who, a while back, was building a cabin for himself and his family. With new direction, Locke finds the mass grave and searches Horace’s pocket. He finds blueprints and a map to the cabin. Armed with the map, Locke tells Hurley that he should head back to the beach, but Hurley decides to stay, rather than go back by himself.

Upon reaching the cabin (at night, of course), Locke enters alone, with Hurley and Ben both choosing not to accompany him. Upon entering, Locke finds that Jacob is not there, but Christian is. He says he can speak for Jacob. Sitting next to Christian is Claire. Claire tells Locke she is fine. Locke asks the one question that matters: "How do I save the island?" When Locke emerges, he says the answer he received is: ‘He wants us to move the island’.

On the boat:

Sayid wakes Desmond to tell him that the helicopter is back. They see that one of the soldiers is badly wounded. Keamy, who saw that Ben knew everything about him, confronts the captain, believing that Gault betrayed him. Gault points the finger at Michael. Michael is chained downstairs – Keamy comes close to killing him, but settles for pistol-whipping him.

Keamy tells Frank to gas up the chopper, because he is going back. Gault tries to warm Keamy that he may be getting sick like the other crewmembers who killed themselves. Keamy ignores him and takes his key – and uses it to switch to the secondary protocol. Keamy says that the island is going to be torched and that he now knows where Ben will go.

Gault has set up a hiding place for Sayid and Desmond, but Sayid rejects that idea, asking instead that he be given the inflatable Zodiac to start ferrying people off the island. Gault agrees, and, a little later, Sayid heads for the island

Frank visits Michael and asks him why Michael didn’t tell him that he was a survivor of Oceanic 815. Michael tells Frank not to fly Keamy back to the island. Frank promises to take care of Keamy. Frank also laughs when Michael suggests that Widmore put the fake plane at the bottom of the ocean.

Omar wires Keamy with what looks like a detonator. Heavily armed, Keamy and his men board the chopper. When Frank refuses, Keamy kills the doctor and Gault. Frank relents, but he quickly bundles a tracking phone in a bag under his seat.

As the helicopter flies over the beach survivors, Franks drops the tracking phone. Jack takes this not as a warning, but as a sign that the chopper people want the survivors to follow them.

In flashback:

A young woman whose mother objects to her relationship with a much older man is hit by a car. She is six month pregnant and delivers a baby boy, who she is unable to accept. The boy (who is John Locke) is put up for adoption. Outside, in a waiting area, the ageless Richard watches.

Locke, as a young boy, is visited by Richard, who claims to run a school for special kids. On the wall is a picture of the smoke monster drawn by Locke. Richard tests Locke by presenting a series of items, and asking which one already belonged to Locke. Locke picks the wrong item; disappointed, Richard tells his mother that Locke is not ready.

Locke is now a teenager in high school, a geeky science kid who gets tormented by other kids. His science teacher tells him that a Dr Alpert from Mittelos wants Locke to go to science camp there in the summer. Locke wants to be cooler than that, and when his teacher tells him he cannot be the popular quarterback or a superhero, Locke tells him not to tell what he can’t do.

Locke is now post-accident, in rehab, trying to walk. He is visited by Matthew Abbadon (the man who visited Hurley in the institution and said he worked for Oceanic. Abbadon tells Locke he should go walkabout in Australia.


I suppose now we can assume that, sadly, Claire is dead. We still don’t know how or why she died.

There are probably lots of people who have watched Lost from the beginning, but bowed out as the show turned away from the original simple, gentler premise of survivors on an island, and became more like 24.

Since the doctor showed up dead on the island before he was killed on the boat, this seems to indicate that there is a time lag between the two areas.

Quotable Quotes

Ben: He actually thinks staying was his idea. Not bad, John. Not bad at all.
Locke: I'm not you.
Ben: You're certainly not.

"We don't have time for this. The people from the boat are already on their way back, and once they get here, all of these questions won't matter one bit. So why don't you ask the one question that does matter?"
- Christian

Ben: Did he tell you what we're supposed to do?
Locke: He did.
Ben: Well?
Locke: He wants us to move the island.

"The Island wanted me to get sick, and you to get well. My time is over John."
- Ben

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