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4.12 There’s No Place Like Home (Part 1)

Ben seems to know how the island can be moved, and where this move can be initiated: at the station known as the Orchid. They stop as they near the Orchid. Ben digs up a case and uses a mirror to signal someone on a nearby mountain. At the Orchid, Ben, Locke, and Hurley discover that the soldiers are already there. Ben says he has a plan: he walks in unarmed and surrenders to Keamy, and gets a pistol to the face in reply.

Dan uses the dropped phone to monitor a conversation between Keamy and his troops, where their destination of the Orchid is mentioned. Dan consults his notes and, agitated, warns Charlotte that they must get off the island.

Jack decides to track the helicopter and asks Kate to go. Juliet objects strongly to the idea of Jack traveling so soon after surgery, but he ignores her. Jack starts to bleed soon after they start walking. And they meet up with an old friend – Sawyer (carrying Aaron). Sawyer has the bad news that Claire walked off into the jungle, that the soldiers are doing nothing good. Sawyer and Jack argue about whether they should still try to find the helicopter until Kate tells them to stop. Jack decides to head off alone; Sawyer reluctantly decides to accompany him. Kate takes the baby back to the beach.

Jack and Sawyer find the chopper, with Frank handcuffed to it. Sawyer frees Frank. Frank says that the soldiers are heading for the Orchid, and that they will capture Ben and do ‘nothing good’ to the people with them. When Sawyer tells Jack that Hurley is there, Jack knows they must go to the Orchid and try to rescue him.

Sayid lands on the beach but his plans to start ferrying people back are put on hold when he is told that Jack and Sawyer are heading for the Orchid and danger. Kate, who has just arrived back with Aaron, leaves Aaron with Sun, and heads back into the jungle to guide Sayid. On the way to the Orchid, they are surrounded and disarmed by Richard and a large group of Others. Together, they all begin marching to a common destination.

Dan volunteers to ferry people back and forth to the freighter. Only six people can fit, so Jin, Sun, and Aaron board the raft, along with some no-name survivors. Dan arrives safely, unloads his cargo, and heads back for more.

On the boat, Jin and Sun are reunited with Desmond and a apologetic Michael, who tries to explain that he was doing what he was doing to atone for his earlier behavior. Desmond discovers a crude bomb which is probably linked to Keamy’s detonator. Jin tells Sun to go to the far side of the boat while he and Desmond try to figure out how to disarm it.

In flash-forward:

The Oceanic 6 (Jack, Kate, Aaron, Hurley, Sun, and Sayid) are being helicoptered to an army base in Honolulu. There, they are reunited with their families – all but Sayid (who is adopted by Hurley’s mom) and Kate and Aaron (who have no one). They face some questions from the press, where they spout their agreed story. They claim that they clung to lifejackets and seats and drifted to an island off Indonesia. Sun lies and says that Jin died on the plane.

Sayid has a visitor: Nadia – and they embrace.

Hurley’s mom and dad throw a coming home party for him with a tastelessly chosen ‘island’ theme. Hurley’s dad gives him the restored Camaro. Hurley is initially thrilled, but when he gets in the driver’s seat and sees that the odometer numbers are on ‘481516’ and ‘2342’. Hurley leaves and car and flees on foot at high speed.

Sun has used the settlement money to buy a controlling interest in her father’s company. She delivers this news to him specifically to punish him for the death of Jin.

Jack is finally able to attend his father wake and deliver a short but moving eulogy. An Australian woman asks to speak to him, and confides that Christian fathered a child with her in Australia, and that ironically, the person was also on Oceanic 815. Her name: Claire.


Jack finally knows that Claire is his half-sister (we have known for some time, but neither Claire nor Jack knew).

The intriguing mystery now is figuring out how the six survivors got off the island – and how Sun and Aaron hooked up with them, since they are separated at this point in time.

I haven’t checked ahead to see if Lost will be continued for two more seasons (as per the original plan), but it doesn’t seem like it will. Everything seems to be tieing up nicely. And, frankly, I think it is time to call it a day. Four years is a long time for anyone.

It took a couple of viewings for me to finally recognize the actress who plays Oceanic representative Karen Decker as a Star Trek alumni: it’s Michelle Forbes, who played Ensign Ro Laren on Star Trek: Next Generations.


During the beach scenes, there are a number of sea turtles visible. They jump around in position a little. I assume that they could not be removed from shot because they are endangered and heavily protected.

Quotable Quotes

Ben: Listen to me very carefully, John, because I'm not gonna have time to repeat this. You're gonna go into that greenhouse through that hole there. Once inside, you're gonna turn left. Go about 20 paces until you see a patch of anthuriums on your left. They're in an alcove against the north wall. Face the wall, reach down with your left hand. You'll find a switch that activates the elevator. The elevator takes you down to the actual Orchid station.
Hurley: Whoa. Wait. What?
Locke: Okay, I'm sorry, Ben, but maybe I missed the part where you explained what I'm supposed to do about the armed men inside.

Sun: I don't understand. How'd you get back to New York?
Michael: Uh, Walt and I, uh, uh... we took Ben's boat and we followed his bearing. A couple of days, we came to an island, you know, with people. I sold the boat... we hopped a cargo ferry back to the States. Didn't tell anybody who we were.
Sun: And now you're working for Ben?
Michael: I do not work for Ben. I'm trying to make up for what I did. I'm trying to help you out here. Translate what I said.
Jin: I understand.

Carole: I believe I'm the reason he was in Australia when he died.
Jack: I'm sorry. I don't understand. Why would he have come to see you?
Carole: Oh, he... he didn't come to see me. I was still in the hospital. I never saw him. He came to see his daughter. My daughter, Mr. Shephard.
Jack: My father didn't have a daughter--
Carole: Yes. He did. If you don't believe me, check his phone records. Would you like to know the--the strangest thing about all this, Mr. Shephard? My daughter was on your plane, too. She was on flight 8-1-5. You were in the air for six hours, probably just a few rows from her and you never even knew she was your sister. She was one of the ones who died when your plane hit the water. Her name was... Claire. I didn't mean to burden you with this, but... you needed to know. I'm... sorry for your loss.

Sawyer: Hang on, Shaggy. You said the hit squad's gonna grab Ben Linus?
Lapidus: Well, I don't see what's gonna stop 'em.
Sawyer: What are they gonna do with the people that are with 'em?
Lapidus: Nothin' good.
Sawyer: Hugo's with Ben.
Jack: Son of a bitch.

Sawyer: You know this yahoo?
Jack: Yeah.
Lapidus: "Yahoo"? This yahoo dropped that phone on you guys so you could find me and I could fly you outta here. So why don't you do me a favor and get that back compartment? There's a toolbox. See if you can find something to get me outta these things.
Jack: You heard the man.
Sawyer: Well, all right. Can I get you boys a nice, cold glass of lemonade while I'm back there?

Sawyer: Cut yourself shavin'?
Jack: Juliet took out my appendix a couple of days ago.
Sawyer: You kiddin' me.
Jack: Nope.
Sawyer: Well, what else did I miss?

"You ruined my husband's life. It is because of you we were on that plane. Two people are responsible for his death. You are one of them. I am going to have my baby. And then we shall discuss the plans for the future of the company. Our company."
- Sun

"Hold up! You don't get to die alone."
-  Sawyer

Sawyer: Well, you better hope it ain't Sayid, 'cause if he's with those animals that just blew up half of New Otherton, you do not wanna tussle with 'em.
Kate: What, they tried to kill you?
Sawyer: Just like Locke said they would.

Miles: Hey, long time no see.
Sawyer: Hey, who are you talkin' to up there, Genghis?
Jack: Where's Claire?
Sawyer: We lost her.
Jack: You what?
Sawyer: She just walked off in the middle of the night. We looked for her for a day, but she was just gone. I was hopin' maybe she went back to the beach.
Jack: She didn't.

Kate: You're bleeding.
Jack: No, I'm not bleeding. I'm... I'm suppurating. It's... discharge. My body's just fighting the infection around the stitches.
Kate: You know when most people are lying and they can't look you in the eye? You do the exact opposite.

Charlotte: Daniel? What's wrong?
Daniel: Charlotte, did you hear what he said? They're going to the Orchid. They're using the secondary protocol.
Charlotte: What are you talking about?
Daniel: We have to get off this island. Right now.

Jack: We all know the story. If we get any questions that we don't wanna answer, or that we can't answer, let's just keep our mouths shut. It's okay. They'll--they'll think that we're in shock.
Sun: We are in shock, Jack.
Jack: Well... then this should be easy.

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