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6.9 The Package

Summary and Spoilers

A video feed clues us in that someone is observing Unlocke’s beach-dwelling gang. Unlocke comes over and talks to Jin about how all the uncrossed names must leave the island with him. Unlocke is now motivated to find Sun, since he doesn’t know which is them is a candidate. It’s also fair to say that Unlocke is trying to ensure that none of the potential candidates can fulfill their role (which would be to keep him bottled up on the island). Unlocke leaves soon after, telling Sayid that he has an errand to run. Sayid seems uninterested but is still left in charge until Unlocke returns. Sayid says he doesn’t feel anything. Unlocke thinks maybe that is for the best, because of what is coming. Jin sees this as an opportunity to escape and find Sun, but before he can head out, everyone is knocked out by tranquilizer darts shot by Whidmore’s invading army. Specifically, they have come for and take Jin.

In Ilana’s camp, Ilana says they will wait for Hurley to bring Richard back, because Richard knows what to do. Ben expresses doubt that Richard will return. Sun is getting severely frustrated with inaction and a lack of Jin. She keeps busy by tending her garden. Jack visits her there and speaks to her about her frustration. Jack tells her about the lighthouse and the mirror – this is his big exciting story and he takes every opportunity to tell people about it. Maybe he should scratch it into a tree or broadcast it in a loop using Danielle’s transmitter. Sun doesn’t let him finish, however, since she does not care about candidates or magic mirrors.

Jack leaves and Sun continues gardening until she cuts herself. Smelling blood, Unlocke arrives and tells Sun that Jin is in his camp across the island. Sun does not believe him, since she saw him kill the people at the temple. Unlocke uses the ‘those people were confused’ defense to explain why killed them. Sun runs away with Unlocke in pursuit, and then stops running when she smashes into a tree.

Later, Ben finds Sun and helps her up, and finds out that Unlocke was the cause of her accident.

Back at his camp, Unlocke discovers that everyone is unconscious, except for Jin, who is missing (and also unconscious). Unlocke shakes Sayid until he says they were attacked by unknown assailants.

Meanwhile, Jin is being held in a large cell whose metal walls are peppered with many small speakers. When he flicks a switch, a movie begins and music is blasted – identifying that he is in the Dharma indoctrination/brainwashing room. Susan Saint James, the bespectacled woman who almost tricked Sawyer, wants information on the pockets of energy discovered by Dharma. Jin insists that he first must speak with Charles Whidmore.

Unlocke gives Sayid a gun and suggests a zip lock bag to keep it from getting wet when they take the outrigger to the other island. Afterward, Claire and Unlocke have a very interesting discussion about whose name is on the wall and whose isn’t. Unlocke says that neither Claire nor Kate’s name is on the wall (although I thought Kate’s name was – was it crossed out?) but that he needs Claire (he doesn’t explain why). He also says he needs Kate and he does explain why: she can help to get three candidates – people he does need – onto the plane. He basically says that once Kate has fulfilled this purpose, Claire can dispose of her (well, he doesn’t say that per se, but Claire knows what he means). As Unlocke gets ready to go, Sawyer asks him why, and Unlocke explains that he must get Jin back.

Jack determines that Sun’s head bump has caused her to lose her ability to speak English, although she can still understand it. There’s little time to ponder this, because Richard (and Hurley) arrive back in camp. Richard tells everyone to pack their bags. His plan is to go to Hydra Island and destroy the plane before Unlocke can escape. An angry Sun tells him in Korean that she is not interested in destroying their only escape method.

Unlocke arrives on Hydra Island and is greeted by gunfire as he paces outside of the barrier. Whidmore himself arrives at the beach, and there is a brief tacit discussion: Unlocke wants Jin back, and Whidmore says he has no idea what Unlocke is talking about. Unlocke threatens (or promises) war.

Whidmore is unhappy that Jin was kidnapped and the war has begun. He gives Jin a camera that he found. Belonging to Sun, it contains digital photos of their daughter. Jin breaks down while viewing them. Whidmore promises to reunite Jin with his wife and daughter but explains that everyone they know and love will simply cease to be if Unlocke leaves the island. Whidmore brings Jin to see someone he calls ‘The Package’.

Alone on the beach, Sun is visited by Jack. He tests a theory that Sun can write in English – and she can. Jack brings Sun a lone tomato that he found in her garden. Sun explains why she did not go with Unlocke, even after Unlocke said he had Jin. Jack asks Sun to come with them; in exchange, he promises to help her find Jin and to get them both on the plane.

While Sawyer and Kate worry about the future, Unlocke returns alone. He has left Sayid on Hydra to infiltrate the sub and find out what Whidmore is hiding. As Sayid stealthily hides in the water, he watches as a drugged Desmond is manhandled by a couple of Whidmore’s personnel.

Sun and Jin’s alternative universe:

At the airport, Jin has his previously hidden and now discovered 25 thousand dollars in cash confiscated by customs officials. He can get it back if he fills out the required forms. Sun was unaware of the money and is somewhat perplexed to find out that Jin was delivering it, no questions asked, for her father. What kind of scared puppet did she marry – or is Jin simply a realist and a survivalist? They register at the hotel under separate names and get separate rooms. Now I am really starting to question this guy’s judgment – I would have opted for the one room – I’m quite sure of that.

Jin visits Sun to tell her he is going down to the restaurant to try to deliver the watch. Sun invites him in, not wishing to have a discussion in the hallway.

Sun tells him not to worry about it, as it is late, and then performs a very slow, above the belt strip-tease, where she basically unbuttons one button of her top at a time and then asks Jin if she should button it again. He keeps answering no until she gets to the fifth button, which he insists she re-button, just because he has this strange fifth button fetish. Just joking.

After love-making during the commercial break, and re-donning of underwear (as only people on TV seem to do), Sun tells Jin of her plan to run away, using a hidden account. Jin says that this is forbidden. Further negotiations are interrupted when Martin Keemy shows up at the door, looking for his watch, his cash, and Jin, who is hiding and discovered in the bathroom. Later, Keemy, his offsider Omar, and a translator determine that Sun wants to replace the confiscated money with her own if they are just allowed to go to the bank. The translator takes Sun to the bank, while Jin will be taken to the restaurant. Jin asks that Keemy promise not to tell Mr. Paik about his relationship with Sun. Keemy says he will keep the secret as long as he gets the money.

There’s bad news at the bank. Sun’s account was closed by her father. It’s a way to guarantee that Jin is killed, you would think.

At the restaurant, Jin is being held captive. Omar is sent to get Sayid, while Keemy enjoys explaining his role as a hit man sent to kill Jin as punishment for his affair with Sun. We’ve seen this scene from the other side, so we know things are not going to end well for Keemy and friends. Jin hears gunshots and soon meets Sayid. Sayid spares him and leaves him with a knife so that he can free himself. The translator and Sun returns; Jin gets the drop on him, and eventually kills him, but during the gunfight, Sun is hit by a stray bullet. As Jin carries her to get help, she gives him the news that she is pregnant.

Lost Quotes

Miles: Unless Alpert’s covered in bacon grease, I don’t think Hurley can track anything.
Frank: Hey! Don’t talk about bacon.

"…I’m three people short of getting off this island, and Kate can help me get these people on that plane. But, once she does…whatever happens, happens."
- Unlocke to Claire

Ben: What? For the fourth time, I was gathering mangoes, and she was already unconscious when I found her. What won’t you believe me?
Ilana: Because you’re speaking.

"A wise man once said that war was coming to this island. I think it just got here."
- Unlocke to Whidmore

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