Wednesday, March 3, 2010

6.05 Sundown

Summary and Spoilers

Sayid confronts the Other Leader, wanting answers – why the torture; why the poison? The ‘test’ proved that Sayid was more evil than good. A fight ensues: the broken dates, the endless waits, the conversation with the flying plates…the fight ends suddenly when the Leader’s prized baseball falls onto the floor. The Leader strongly suggests that Sayid leave, and he does begin to pack, but first Miles clarifies that the Others did not save Sayid’s life. We don’t know who did, but I’m beginning to suspect whoever did it has an ‘Un’ at the beginning of their name.

Claire agrees to raid the Temple as long as Unlocke keeps his promise to get her son back. She walks in and tells Leader that he (Unlocke) wants to meet with him outside the temple. The Leader refuses to leave, saying it would mean death. Claire is detained until the situation is resolved. The Leader asks for Shephard and Hurley to be brought to him, and is strongly disappointed to find out that they are missing and presumed escaped.

Now the Leader asks Sayid to stay. You can guess why: in this war against Unlocke, the Leader probably wants to utilize those specialized killing/torture skills that Sayid would normally like to keep dormant. Leader explains that Unlocke was trapped by Jacob but is now free to destroy everything: he is evil incarnate. Leader wants Sayid to kill Unlocke by stabbing him in the chest – but, importantly, the killing must take place before Unlocke speaks.

Sayid leaves the temple and crosses paths with Kate (but says nothing to her). Kate returns to the temple, and is excited to find out from Miles that Claire is there. Trouble brewing.

Sayid encounters Unlocke. Sayid stabs him (after Unlocke says ‘hello’) but it has little effect – it just elicits a quizzical and slightly hurt-feelings look from Unlocke. Unlocke explains that the Leader knew Sayid had no chance to kill him, and just hoped that Unlocke would kill Sayid. Unlocke offers Sayid anything that he desires in return for delivering a message. As a reward, Unlocke seems to be offering Sayid a second chance with Nadia.

Sayid delivers Unlocke’s message slash ultimatum: join Unlocke and leave the island, or stay at the temple and die. Most people choose to leave, but not Sayid, who brandishes that knife and tells Miles he has to return it.

Kate meets Claire and tells her that she is the one who took Aaron. Claire’s face changes from happiness to hatred, but she is down in the hole and Kate is way up above her, and besides, Unlocke is coming to kill everybody anyway.

Sayid confronts Leader about why he himself did not kill Sayid when he had the chance, rather than trying to get someone else to do it. The Leader explains that one Friday after work, his drunk driving led to his own son’s death. Leader made a pact with Jacob: his son was brought back to life, but Leader had to come to the island and never see his son again. Sayid punctuates Leader’s moving story by drowning him, and then drowning his hippie sidekick too. The reason: now Unlocke can enter the temple, and Sayid can be granted his wish. Immediately after Leader dies, the sound of the smoke monster can be heard. Soon, the smoke monster can be seen, too, as it starts dragging people into the jungle.

Kate and Miles separate. Kate tries to rescue Claire, but Claire suggests that Kate join her in the safety of the hole. This is even better advice than Kate’s "Run!", as the smoke monster passes overhead, leaving them unharmed. Miles is ‘rescued’ by Ilana, Lapidus, Ben, and Sun. Ben finds Sayid and tries to convince him to come with, but Sayid is just waiting to be captured.

Ilana finds a hidden door in the rock and takes Lapidus, Miles, and Sun to safety.

Kate, Claire, and Sayid walk dreamlike through destroyed, burning temple. Outside the temple, they gather around Unlocke with those who have joined him. Unlocke turns and begins to walk through the jungle, with his followers close behind.

Sayid’s alternate life:

Sayid finds Nadia, living in a lovely suburban house with two kids – and she is married to Sayid’s brother, Omar. How did this happen? Sayid got Nadia’s letters, but he chose not to answer. Nadia still loves him; he still loves her. And Omar is now past suspicion and into the angry glare stage.

Omar visits Sayid late at night to tell him that he is in debt to a loan shark – forever – and that he wants Sayid to ‘convince’ them to leave him alone. Omar says he knows what kind of a man Sayid is because of what happened in the war. When Omar is badly beaten, Sayid seemingly has his choice made for him – but Nadia steers him away from revenge.

On his way to pick up the kids, Sayid is picked up by two bodyguards and taken to a restaurant kitchen, where he meets Martin, the loan shark. There is a brief battle of words, with the shark trying to intimidate Sayid. This is a big mistake. Sayid kills the shark and his two sidekicks, then hears sounds and find a retro, no-English Jin tied up in the back of the kitchen.


I am completely confused now about who is good and who is evil. Sayid doesn’t seem to care, and both Jacob and Unlocke are manipulators, playing their games and using people like chess pieces.

Lost Quotes

Unlocke: [pulls Sayid’s knife from his own chest] Now why’d you go and do that?

Unlocke: Then shame on you for being talked into it [trying to kill me] so easily.
Sayid: And what is it you are trying to talk me into?

"I can’t be with you, because I don’t deserve you."
- Sayid to Nadia

Martin: Okay, fine, fine…take – it’s done. Your brother doesn’t owe me anything, the debt’s forgiven. Alright? Good? Okay? Just relax and…forget about it.
Sayid: I can’t. [shoots and kills him]

"Run! Run! Run!"
- Kate [to Miles], offering that tried and true Lost advice

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