Thursday, February 25, 2010

6.04 Lighthouse

Summary and Spoilers

Jack and the leader of the Others have a brief but sincere chat. The leader is glad that Jack has not left. Jack lets the leader know that Kate, Jin, and Sawyer are probably not coming back.

Hugo runs into Jacob in the pool room. Jacob says ‘someone’ is coming to the island, and he wants Hugo to help this ‘someone’ find the island. A bit later, Hugo is dutifully following instructions, traveling through a mysterious hall of the temple with indecipherable symbols. The leader tells him to leave, but Jacob feed Hugo lines – telling him to say that he is a candidate. It works, and the leader leaves. Jacob explains again that Hugo must bring Jack with him into the secret entrance, and gives some tips on how to get Jack to follow him. It works (specifically, the phrase "You’ve got what it takes" works) and Jack agrees to accompany Hugo.

Hugo and Jack escape into the jungle. They meet Kate. Kate is going to look for Claire, but Jack tells her that, according to the Others, something happened to Claire. Kate is not deterred and heads off anyway. Jack and Hugo end up at the old caves where the tribe once lived. Jack explains how he found the caves by following the ghost of his father.

Jack and Hurley continue through the jungle, trading stories about why they came back to the island. Hugo returned because Jacob told him to. Jack returned because he believed he could be emotionally healed there – and so far, he has been disappointed. They reach their destination – a lighthouse. Hugo has his orders – to turn the lighthouse on first. They climb to the top; a series of pulleys are used to adjust mirrors to the optimum angle. Jack discovers the name of the Oceanic survivors written on the surface of the table in the center of the room. He turns the mirrors to face his name and in the mirror, he can see the house where he grew up in. Jack wants to know why Jacob is watching him, and when answers are not forthcoming, he smashes the mirrors.

Jacob finally shows up for Hugo and explains that Jack is here to do something important, but that he must find out what it is for himself. Jacob also says that someone bad is coming to the temple, but that the people there cannot be warned – it is too late.

Sayid wants to know why everyone is staring at him. It may be because the Others believe that he is infected. Jack tells Sayid about the poison pill and why it was given – and that there is someone else with the same infection.

In the jungle, Claire approaches Jin, whose bloody foot is in an animal trap. Claire frees him, but Jin collapses when he tries to walk. When Jin’s eyes open again, he is in Claire’s makeshift shelter. He pokes around and finds a child’s cradle. Inside is a kind of jigsaw representation of a child, made from bones and buttons. Soon, Jin is joined by Claire and her newest prisoner - one of the Others who was guarding Jin. This guy says he knows of her, and that they must escape or she will kill them.

It’s unclear exactly how stable Claire is or isn’t. She believes the Others have Aaron because she says her father told her so. She claims that she doesn’t live on her own because she has a mysterious un-named friend. She fixes Jin’s leg, and then wields an axe at the tied-up Other, demanding to know where Aaron is. When Claire is about to swing, Jin tells her that Kate took Aaron off the island. Claire is devastated, and she responds to the Other’s request to be untied by killing him with an axe to the chest. So…she’s fairly crazy.

Jin now tells Claire that he lied about Kate taking Aaron off the island. He says the truth is that he has seen Aaron at the temple, a prisoner of the Others – and that he can get Claire in there. Claire says if Kate had been raising Aaron, she would kill her. Claire’s friend shows up – it’s un-Locke!

Jack’s flashback:

At home, Jack is still waiting to find out where his father’s body is. It’s in lost luggage somewhere, perhaps in Berlin. His mother is also wondering – she calls in a panic. Jack is only partially aware of his own life – he has an appendectomy scar but doesn’t remember having an appendectomy. He also has a teenage son named David.

David does his best to ignore his dad. It seems that (workaholic) Jack is not around much, and David has gotten used to that.

Jack helps his mom to search for his dad’s missing will. They discuss how upset David was at the funeral – a fact that David had not bothered to tell his dad. When the will is found, Jack’s mom wants to know about the person named ‘Claire Littleton’.

Back at home, Jack finds that David has gone out. Jack tries David’s mother house – he knows she is not home. He enters using a key hidden out front under a statue. David isn’t there, but his whereabouts are tracked to an audition at a music conservatory – an audition that he didn’t even bother to tell his dad about. Jack rushes to the conservatory in time to hear the last part of David’s stunning performance. Strangely, one of the other dads is the Other’s leader.

Jack catches up with David outside the conservatory. David says he didn’t tell Jack because he didn’t want his dad to see him fail. Jack tries to make David feel more secure about the love and respect they feel for each other.


If you were wondering how un-Locke was going to get into the temple, now you know – Jin will be forced to lead him in.

Think for a moment about what might happen should Kate find Claire right about now. Jin better think up a few more good lies to diffuse that scenario.

When the leader of the Others shows up as a dad at the conservatory rehearsal, it felt a little David Lynchian – and not necessarily in a good way.

Lost Quotes

Jack: Where is he?
Hugo: What?
Jack: Jacob. Where is he?
Hugo: He’s kind of dead. Turns up whenever he wants, like Obi Wan Kenobi.

"I came back here because I was broken…and I was stupid enough to think this place could fix me."
- Jack


  1. Just read the last two write-ups and enjoyed your humorous look at the episodes, especially Sundown.

    As for how crazy Claire is, Justin had told Jin that if Jin would untie Justin (who lied that she'd kill 'both' of them) he would just break her neck.

    So, when she explained that if she had not killed him, he would have killed her, she was actually being rational, though obviously she is a bit disturbed :-)

  2. True, Claire isn't as crazy as I thought. Her imaginary friend is real (although perhaps Unlocke does not qualify as anybody's 'friend') and although she was wrong about Aaron's whereabouts, I still need to view her level of sanity in the context of the Lost world and what she and the others (and the Others) have experienced.