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3.10 Tricia Tanaka is Dead

Hurley is standing at Libby’s grave, talking to her, telling her how much he misses her. He moves down the beach and finds newly shaved and moping Charlie. Charlie tells Hurley that Desmond told him he was going to die. But rather than cheering Charlie up, Hurley says Desmond might be right – that he is cursed. At that moment, Vincent runs up, holding part of a decomposed arm and hand. The hand holds a lucky rabbit’s foot and key. Vincent runs off with Hurley following him. The trail ends at an overturned Volkswagen mini-bus.

Hurley is inspired by the discovery of the car, and returns to camp, looking for volunteers to fix it up. He is only able to get Jin to help, and only because Jin doesn’t know what he is volunteering for.

Kate asks Sawyer to say, ‘sorry’. Sawyer changes the subject and talks about Little House on the Prairie - and says he has nothing to be sorry for. (Frankly, I don’t know what he has to be sorry for, either). They return to camp and are greeted warmly by the survivors.

Sawyer and Kate return to camp. When Sawyer finds out that Hurley was a party in stealing his stash. Sawyer finds Hurley at the mini-bus, and is about to confront him about his stash, but is instead co-opted to help with the vehicle – especially when he finds out there are cans of beer inside. They flip the vehicle, but Jin says it will not start.

Kate debriefs Sayid and Locke, telling that the Others probably have another boat, and that the Others live on this island. Kate heads off to get help.

Hurley gets an idea – he goes to fetch Charlie to do it with him. His idea: to push the car off a steep decline and jump-start it. Hurley and Charlie ride the bus at high-speed down the hill, just avoiding rocks at the bottom, and, by some miracle, are able to start it up and even get the CD player going.

The guys return to camp. In a music video segment, Charlie recounts his day to Claire, Jin gives Sun a beautiful flower, and Sawyer sits by himself at his tent, looking lonely, consoled only by sipping his stale Dharma Initiative Beer.

Hurley is still in the bus, making lazy circles until the thing dies.

Deep in the jungle at night, Kate meets Locke and Sayid, and they make plans to rescue Jack. Shots ring out – it is Danielle. Kate asks her to help them find the Others camp, motivating her with the fact that the dark-haired girl with the Others is named Alex (her daughter’s name).

In flashback, Hurley is a young boy whose motorcycle-riding dad (played by Cheech Marin) is just heading out for a supposed short trip. Fast-forward 17 years later, and Hurley’s newly purchased chicken fast food restaurant is hit by a meteor (or asteroid – he’s not sure which), killing Tricia Tanaka, the reporter who moments earlier was interviewing him for a puff piece. Hurley is convinced he is cursed, even more so when his long-missing father returns. His father tries to convince him that the curse is untrue, but his method (bribing a tarot card reader) is seen through immediately by Hurley.


They are really trying to ploy us with this Kate/Sawyer romance thingy, and it isn’t working for me, especially the music-video ending, where Sawyer wistfully gazes at some of the other couples and then sips his lonely bitter beer. I’ve always thought Josh Holloway looks like he should be playing the rougher, sexier dude who exists on every daytime soap opera, and now he is playing him on Lost. Nor has he ever shown an inclination to be in love with anything. I mean, I can accept the fact that he comes up with a wiki’s worth of quotes on every aspect of pop culture, an amazing achievement for a guy who does not fit the bill of someone who sat around watching TV and reading Who magazine all his life. I know the writers are just adding a little lighthearted fun in that area. I know the writers tried to explain it away in this episode by saying that he watched TV for two months straight when he had mono as a boy, but last episode, he made a truly obscure quote about Bobby on the Brady Bunch, and this episode it was a Little House on the Prairie!

The Hurley ‘car-starting’ plot point seems a little like the ‘Hurley golf course’ plot from season one.


Kate says she is heading off to get help. Locke asks, "Help from who?" Shouldn’t it be obvious to him that it must be Danielle she is heading for? Who else could it be?

Hurley’s bright idea is to push the car off a steep incline. The guys push the car a short distance, and, sure enough, it is perched at the edge of a very deep valley. The only problem is, this means that earlier, when Hurley was chasing Vincent, he would have had to climb/run up this very steep hill at some other point. I think this would have taken him well over an hour with his physique…whereas his pursuit of Vincent was made to look much shorter and…flatter.

Quotable Quotes


Jin: Sawyer.
Sawyer: Jin-bo! How you doing?
Jin: Good... see... you.
Sawyer: Well, look at that! Somebody's hooked on phonics!

Hurley: Get up. We got work to do.
Sawyer: What's your problem, Jumbotron?
Hurley: Shut up! Red ... Neck ... Man ...
Sawyer: Touché.

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