Sunday, May 25, 2008

3.7 Not in Portland

Sawyer and Kate beat up their captors and take off into the rainy jungle. Juliet calls Jack’s bluff, sending Tom to recapture, and, if necessary, kill, Kate and Sawyer. She believes Jack will not let a patient die on the table. Jack swears he will. Juliet now tells Jack that Kate and Sawyer cannot escape because they are on another island.

Jack tells Tom that Juliet wanted Jack to kill Ben. Tom tells Juliet to leave the operating room.

Danny and his friends head off in pursuit of Kate and Sawyer, who have reached the beach. There’s a firefight that ends when Sawyer runs out of bullets. Kate and Sawyer are about to be captured when Alex shoots Danny with her slingshot and hides them in a camouflaged pit. When the danger has passed, Alex says she has a boat that they can use, but first they have to help her rescue her boyfriend Karl.

Ben regains consciousness and asks to speak to Juliet. Juliet returns, and Ben requests to speak to her alone for 3 minutes. Jack waits at the observation window and watches carefully. Ben says something – we can’t hear – and when Juliet comes out, she asks Jack to finish the operation. Why would he want to do that? Because Ben has ordered Juliet to help Kate and Sawyer escape.

Sawyer, Kate and Alex fool the sole guard Aldo and break into an underground hatch, where they find Karl being brainwashed in room 23. Sawyer carries Karl away and they reach the beach. They are about to launch the boat when Danny appears, gun drawn, ready to shoot Sawyer first. Danny is shot by Juliet just before this occurs. Juliet tells them they can go, but insists that Alex must stay to be there when Ben awakens. Kate contacts Jack just as he is having his own problems on the operating table, having accidentally severed Ben’s artery. Kate relates the story that Jack told her that first day on the beach while she was sewing him up – how he had five seconds of panic on the operating table before saving a girl that he had accidentally endangered. Jack makes Kate promise never to come back for him. Kate and Sawyer begin paddling back toward their island, carrying Karl with them.

Jack has finished the operation, and asks Juliet what will become of him. She says he will go back to his cell until ‘they’ figure out what to do with him. Jack asks what Ben said to her that made her change her mind and want to save him. Juliet says she has been on the island for three years, two months, and 28 days, and Ben promised that she could return home.

Juliet’s backstory: Juliet is a fertility doctor who has left the shackles of her dominating ex-husband to make headway in causing pregnancy in a mouse. She is also working on getting her sister pregnant through injections. A research organization (Mittelos Bioscience) is very interested in taking her on board. Their representative, Dr Alpert, says that they are based out of Portland. They make a pitch and offer her carte blanche to lead a team and do whatever research she likes, but she gets scared, having lost all confidence. She also says that her ex-husband (whom she works for) would never approve. When they offer to help, she flippantly says the only way to change things would be if her ex-husband was hit by a bus. Later, Juliet’s sister does get pregnant, and, coincidentally, her ex-husband does get hit by a bus. While filling out paperwork in the morgue, Juliet is again approached by Dr Alpert and his associate Ethan. Now they say that their base is ‘not in Portland’.


Apparently, Alex has been told, and believes, that she is Ben’s daughter, but this is practically impossible, seeing as she was (probably) stolen from Danielle when she was a baby

Juliet and the others now appear to be prisoners in one form or another, being held against their will.

Memorable Moments

Sawyer repeatedly slamming Danny Pickett’s head into the bear button, until Danny gets a nice volt of electricity

Quotable Quotes

"Tell him I said, ‘hi’. Get to the point!"
- Sawyer, commenting on Kate’s small talk to Jack

"Don't get mad at me, just 'cause you were dumb enough to fall for the old Wookiee prisoner gag."
- Sawyer to Aldo

Jack: I need you to make me a promise, Kate.
Kate: Jack -
Jack: Promise me that you'll never come back here for me. Don't come back, Kate.

Jack: What did he say that made you want to save his life?
Juliet: It doesn't really matter what he said.
Jack: It matters to me. After everything that I have been put through, you owe me an answer. I want to know what he said.
Juliet: I've been on this island for 3 years, Jack. 3 years, 2 months, and 28 days. He said that if I let him live and I helped you…that he would finally let me go home.

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