Sunday, May 4, 2008

3.4 Every Man For Himself

The Others arrive to escort Jack now has the TV in his cell all the time, but he expresses annoyance to Juliette that it is always playing cartoons. He is starting to work on Juliette emotionally, goading her about how she is subservient to Ben, trying to cause conflict in much the same way as ‘Henry’ did to Locke and Jack when he was incarcerated. They are interrupted by Ben, who insists that Juliette come away because they have a ‘situation’.

The Others come to escort Sawyer to the work area, but they area interrupted by the return on Colleen on a stretcher, just fresh from being shot by Sun. After they go, Sawyer hatches a plan to electrocute the next Other to visit his cage.

The next visitor is Ben. Sawyer grabs him and pushes the food button, but the electricity has been turned off by the Others in advance. Ben beats Sawyer in a way that makes him appear to have had quite a lot of experience at it. Sawyer is carted away, strapped to an operating table, and injected in his chest with a huge hypo. When he awakens, Ben brings a bunny in a cage and shakes and agitates the cage until the bunny dies. Ben explains that like the bunny, Sawyer has has a pacemaker inserted that will explode his heart if he gets too excited. Ben gives him a heart monitor watch so he can know when to calm down. It has been done to control Sawyer. Ben warns Sawyer that if he tells Kate, they will put one in Kate too. Sawyer is returned to his cage. His first test is to cool himself off because he can’t look away when Kate changes into her newly received change of clothes.

Kate is able to squeeze out of her cage, but she has no intention of escaping alone. She tries to break the lock on Sawyer’s cage, but he tells her forcefully to go on her one, saying that if she really loves him, she will leave him. But she says she only said that to stop Pickett from hitting him. Kate returns to her cage. Of course, this whole scenario is being watched by Ben on a monitor.

Juliette visits Jack’s cell in a panic and asks him to help her save Colleen. A hooded Jack is marched past Kate a Sawyer’s cages, but their cries are possibly not heard due to the loud alarm that purposefully blares during this exercise. Ben is not happy to see that Jack has been allowed into their inner sanctum. As Jack goes into the operating room, he glances at a series of hanging x-rays that Juliette says do not belong to Colleen. Jack tries to save Colleen but it is too late. Angry that his wife has died at the hands of one of the survivors , Pickett takes it out on Jack’s face, but doesn’t stop until Kate admits she loves him.

Ben insists that Jack be left for a time handcuffed to the table that holds Colleen’s lifeless body. When Juliette returns, Jack tells her that the x-rays belong to someone who has a tumor on their spine. He asks who he has been brought here to save.

Ben bring Sawyer to the top of a cliff, forcing Sawyer’s heart monitor to the limit. When Sawyer asks if he is trying to kill him, Ben says they put noting inside him, and brings out the supposedly dead rabbit, very much alive. Ben says he did it because the only way to gain the respect of a con man is to con him. Sawyer punches Ben, but Ben still tells him why he bought him to this place – to show him that they are actually on a small Alcatraz-like island, across from the larget Lost island – and that there is no escape.

Our beach scenes are short and centred on Desmond. He approaches Claire and asks her to move down the beach so he can repair her roof. She doesn’t understand, because her roof is okay. Charlie steps in and says he can do it himself. After taking a break to give golf tips and borrow a five iron, Desmond puts together a lightning rod near Claire’s structure. Moments later, the rains come, and soon after, a large burst of lightning hits the rod. Had it not been there, it would have hit Claire’s structure. Charlie, Claire, and the observer Hurley are all left open-mouthed.

In flashback, we find out that while in prison, Sawyer used his con skills to find the location of 10 million dollars that was stolen by another inmate. He hands over this information to the police, and in return is freed from prison and given a commission. The commission is put into a bank account for his daughter (whom he fathered with Cassie).


A couple of times in this episode, Jack is starting to hear fleeting sounds from the old intercom in his cell. He can hear Sawyer screaming with fear as they lower the large hypo towards his sternum. And he can hear bits of an Others conversation as they discuss the Colleen incident.

Does Kate love Sawyer? Does Sawyer love Kate? Does Jack love Kate? Do I love Kate?

Ben claims that they are not killers. That’s true – they are just innocent sadistic torturers!

I am thinking that Ben’s cult may have some relationship to the early 20th century eugenics movement.

Quotable Quotes

"Watch and learn, little lady. [pushes food button] There’s juice pumpin’ into this box from somewhere. Next time someone comes to pull me out, I’m gonna wait ‘til they step in my little swimmin’ hole, then I grab ‘em. Zap! They fall back from the shock; I snag the keys. [pauses] Bet the bears never thought of that."
- Sawyer to Kate

Ben: You know what a pacemaker is?
Sawyer: What?
Ben: They stick them in the tickers of people who've had bypass work, whose hearts need just a little jump. A kick start. The rabbit had a small pacemaker set to deliver its kick start should it get too excited. Or anxious or frightened. Or should it try to escape. Assuming that you were telling the truth about your age and weight your resting heart rate should be about 70 beats per minute. Your active heart rate, however...that would be about 140. Which is the point at which your pacemaker...will cause your heart to explode. Which is how I know that you're going to start behaving now. The watch monitors your pulse. If you get within 15 beats of your danger zone it'll start to beep. If and when it beeps you're going to want to relax yourself. Do some deep breathing. Some yoga.

"Whose X-rays are those outside? Those are spinal X-rays and they belong to a man about 40 years old and there is a large tumor on his L-4 vertebrae. And I just happen to be a spinal surgeon. So, tell me, Juliet, who am I here to save?"
- Jack

"What, don't you read? It's from Of Mice and Men. You'd like it. Puppies get killed."
- Sawyer to Ben

Ben: A guy goes nuts if he ain't got nobody. It don't make no difference who the guy is, as long as he's with ya. I tell ya, I tell ya a guy gets too lonely and he gets sick.
Sawyer: What the hell are you talking about?
Ben: It's from Of Mice and Men. Don't you read?

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