Wednesday, February 17, 2010

6.01 LA X (part 1)

Summary and Spoilers

So what happens after Juliet explodes the bomb? Well, it’s Lost, so it’s weird. Jack is back on flight 815 with the other survivors. The turbulence occurs, but it also ends without resulting in a crash. Jack seems to be the only one that is vaguely aware of the alternate reality. Other people (Rose, Bernard, Desmond, and the stewardess, played by Australian Kimberley Joseph) are all treating Jack and each other like they just met. Through a quick flight down beneath the ocean, we see that the island is now buried in deep water. Jack seems normal, except for one little thing: a strange red mark on his neck.

But of course, it’s never that simple. Because back on the island, Kate finds herself high in a tree, her ears ringing. She, along with Miles and a bloody pair of Jack and Sawyer, have been transported in time to just after Desmond exploded the hatch. Despite all of Jack’s efforts, the hatch has still been blown up. For his trouble, Jack gets a beating from Sawyer, who blames Jack for Juliet’s death. But a faint voice from below the wreckage could be Juliet. Meanwhile, Hurley waits nearby with Sayid. Sayid is near death, spitting up blood. Jacob, freshly dead and visible only to I-Can-See-Dead-People Hurley, tells Hurley he can save Sayid by bringing him to the temple.

Juliet is rescued only long enough to die in Sawyer’s arms. Will Sawyer now be a man of his word and kill Jack? He said so much to Kate.

Back on the plane, Jack saves Charlie from choking on a bag of drugs he was attempting to swallow. Charlie is not grateful, especially when he is arrested upon arrival in LA.

Jacob’s rival, currently inhabiting a copy of Locke’s body, not only can repel bullets, but when he’s angry he morphs (off-camera) into The Smoke Monster. Or, if he just wants to be in a more diluted form, yet still cause damage, he becomes The Secondhand Smoke Monster.

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