Wednesday, February 17, 2010

6.02 What Kate Does

Summary and Spoilers

The death of Juliet has once again morphed Sawyer’s ever changing personality. Now, he is a bitter, twisted man again, out only for himself. He gains no solace from Sayid’s resurrection, and instead steals a gun and leaves the compound, warning everyone not to follow him.

The Others really feel it is important that Sawyer returns. Kate volunteers to track him and bring him back. Jin also says he will go. Two of the Others will accompany them. Meanwhile, Sayid is tortured briefly, then told he was just tested and passed. But when he leaves the room the two Others who are in command say that they lied to him. Kate has other plans, and quickly disables both Others and takes their guns.

Jack is given a pill by the Others, and a choice: give it to Sayid to stop some mystery infection that they say he has (although he has no symptoms), or don’t give it to him, and watch the mystery infection spread. They won’t tell him what the infection is, or what’s in the pill. Good luck with that one, Jack.

Kate finds Sawyer still grieving for Juliet. Sawyer now says it is his fault that she died, because he convinced her to stay on the island. Sawyer says he is meant to be alone, and suggests Kate head back to the temple.

Jack confronts the leader of the Others and finally gets him to admit that the pill (which Jack did not give to Sayid) contains poison. They say that there is a darkness growing inside Sayid that will claim his heart. They say they know this because it happened to Jack’s sister. Jack’s sister? Oh yeah…that is Claire. Sure enough, when Jin is ambushed by the two Others, who arrives just in time to shoot them and save him? Claire, wearing a flannel shirt and crazy hair, and looking like she just stepped out of the Beverly Hillbillies.


As I mentioned in my summary, Sawyer’s personality has been most manipulated to suit the plot (and to provide dramatic intense moments for the popular actor). They always feel a bit contrived, but they sit okay later on, when we recall that Sawyer’s backstory establishes him as a man torn between the sweet innocence of a boy and the fiery revenge of a man who blames another for the death of his parents. And Sawyer has not achieved any sense of peace from his revenge quest.

Lost Quotes

"And as you can see, Hugo here has assumed the leadership position, so that's... pretty great."
- Miles

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