Wednesday, February 17, 2010

6.01 LA X (part 2)

Summary and Spoilers

With Hurley bringing Sayid to the temple for salvation, it seems logical to also bring Juliet there, rather than just burying her. But no one thinks of that.

There are others at the temple, led by a Japanese man. One of the members of this tribe is the stewardess. The Japanese man gives the order to shoot Hurley and his friends, but Hurley saves the day by name-dropping ‘Jacob’. The guitar case contains a wooden icon. The Japanese man breaks it to reveal a letter from Jacob, telling them that if Sayid dies, they are all in a lot of trouble. This motivates the man to immerse Sayid’s unconscious body in a healing spring. This doesn’t work, and Sayid dies. A little later, Hurley nonchalantly mentions that Jacob is dead. This sends the others into a rushed panic to defend the temple against someone who is coming to attack it.

Sawyer and Miles bury Juliet. Afterward, Sawyer forces Miles to communicate with her, to ask her what she wanted to tell him at her moment of death. Miles says she wanted to say, "It worked." Sawyer has no idea what she meant by that.

More time passes, during which we see un-Locke emerge from the foot, knock Richard out, throw Richard’s limp body over his shoulder, and begin trudging off (I assume his destination is the temple). Back at the temple, Sayid suddenly comes back to life.

Lost Quotes

Ben: You’re the monster.
un-Locke: Let’s not resort to name calling.

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