Friday, June 13, 2008

3.20 The Man Behind the Curtain

While Ben and Richard hunt for the misplaced recording device, Locke shows up, body bag over his shoulder, and gains the upper hand in his relationship with Ben. He demands to see Jacob, believing that there is no such person – that Ben has invented him as a way of having a scapegoat for all his kingly decisions. Mikhail bursts into camp, telling the story of the parachutist, and suggesting strongly that the Others head for the survivors camp. Ben and Locke had been heading to see Jacob, and when Mikhail wonders why Locke is now calling the shots, Locke attacks him and beats him about the head for a while. Soon, Locke and Ben are heading off to see Jacob.

They approach an old cabin in the middle of the night. Ben lights an oil lamp and warns Locke to douse his flashlight, as Jacob does not like technology. Inside the cabin, there is no one – just an empty unmoving rocking chair. But Ben begins to carry on a conversation with this invisible person. It’s all one-sided; there are no replies. Locke sees it as a show for his benefit, but when he turns to leave, another voice says something. When Locke turns back and turns on his flashlight, the room erupts in poltergeist-type activity, with doors slamming, windows breaking, oil lamps crashing to the floor, and Ben being thrown back against the wall when he asks Jacob to calm down. Locke goes outside, and Ben soon follows. Locke still believes it was a trick, so Ben asks if he can show him one more thing.

They stop at an open pit. Inside are numerous human skeletons. Ben explains that they are the bodies of the Dharma people, and how he was smart enough not to be in that pit. He chides Locke for not being as smart, and then shoots him. Locke falls backward into the put, shot in the chest.  Ben asks Locke what Jacob said, and Locke replies, "He said, ‘Help me’." Ben says he hopes Jacob does help him, and leaves him in the pit.

Back at camp:

Sawyer returns, pulls Sayid aside, and plays him the incriminating tape of Juliet. Sayid assembles the survivors and plays the tape for them. Jack and Juliet, who have been off somewhere, return, and Juliet tells Sawyer to turn over the tape and play it. It contains a message from Ben, outlining the plans of the Others to attack the camp and take all pregnant women (Juliet is supposed to mark the tents of the pregnant ones to make it easy. Juliet had already told Jack about this, and Jack had been formulating a plan. He now says he is ready to start catching up.

Ben’s mini backstory:

A young couple is hiking in the woods outside Portland, when the woman – 7 months pregnant – gives birth to Ben and dies in childbirth. The car that stops to help them is a man and a woman who work for Dharma. Later, Ben’s father and a teenage, withdrawn Ben arrive on the island. Ben’s dad has accepted the offer to work there, but is disgusted to find out he will be doing janitorial type jobs. He also isn’t happy that his life is often in danger because of attacks by the other inhabitants of the island, the ‘hostiles’. Depressed by the death of his wife, he blames his son for this, and drinks Dharma Initiative beer every night until he passes out. Ben sees his mother at his window and in the woods, and one day, goes outside the barricade to try to find her. Instead, he meets one of the hostiles (Richard Alpert). He asks Richard if he can go with him, and Richard says he must be patient.

Some time later, Ben, now a young man in his 20s, accompanies his dad on a road trip to Pearl Station, where he kills him with poison gas. He returns to the barracks and links up with Richard and the other hostiles, who have killed all of the Dharma people and taken over.


Just to confuse everyone more, now we have a ghost! But we also have the definitive explanation of why the Dharma Initiative is no longer on the island.

It’s great having Jack on board (assuming he is on board). I was worried that he had been brainwashed.

I assume that Locke will not die, but will simply summon his great healing powers and get well soon.

This is another excellent episode. The show is on a roll now, with plenty of conflict, mystery, and sub-plots.


When Jacob gets angry, the lit lantern falls off the table, shatters on the floor, and fire spreads across the floor. Moments later, Locke leaves the cabin, and Ben follows not long after. Ben carries the lantern and hangs it back up – it is bother unlit and intact! And the cabin does not burn to the ground! (Maybe Jacob fixed the lantern and put out the fire).

Quotable Quotes

Ben: Something you should know, John, before we go. Whether or not you think he's the Wizard of Oz, I can assure you that Jacob is very, very real. And we're gonna go see him, and he's not gonna like it. In fact I have a feeling he's going to be very angry. And that's why my hand was shaking because this is not a man you go and see. This is a man who summons you.
Locke: Well I guess there's a first time for everything.

(Locke and Ben are standing over a large open grave of bodies wearing Dharma suits)
Ben: This is where I came from, John. These are my people - the Dharma Initiative. They came here seeking harmony, but they couldn't coexist with the island's original inhabitants. When it became clear that one side had to go, one side had to be "purged", I did what I had to do. I was one of the people that was smart enough to make sure that I didn't end up in that ditch. Which makes me considerably smarter than you, John. (Ben pulls out a gun and shoots John in the stomach)

Ben: What did Jacob say to you?
Locke: (dying in the ditch) Why did you do this?
Ben: Because you heard him. Now, I need to know what he said.
Locke: "Help me."
Ben: John, I'm not going to ask you again. What did he say to you!?
Locke: He said, "Help me."
Ben: Well I certainly hope he helps you, John!

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