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4.3 The Economist

Sayid meditates, then walks over to Naomi’s body and closes her eyes. He reads the inscription on her bracelet: "N, I’ll always be with you. R. G." Frank is ready to make a flight back to the ship, and he has room for three passengers. Sayid wants to go, to find out who these people really are. Sayid offers to get Charlotte back in exchange for a ticket on the chopper. Despite Miles’ complaining, Frank agrees. Miles invites himself along, and Sayid doesn’t object, although he still won’t give Miles his gun back. At Jack’s urging, Kate also goes, brandishing her gun.

Jack sends Juliet back to the beach to bring back Desmond.

Sawyer wants to get info from Ben by shooting off one toe at a time, but Locke says no, because then they would have to carry him. Locke leads his gang to what he believes is the location of Jacob’s cabin – but it is not there anymore. Ben says Locke is there to find out what to do next. Locke seems nervous but keeps control by saying they should keep moving toward the barracks. Hurley objects, suggesting that they let Charlotte go, rather than keeping her as a hostage. Locke says he is making the decisions now, and gets in Hurley’s face to ask if he has any objections to that.

Daniel sets up a testing device and asks that a payload be delivered from the ship. Some minutes later, the payload is delivered. Daniel compares numbers and seems worried.

Sayid’s gang reach the barracks and finds them seemingly deserted. While they are searching, they find Hurley, bound and gagged. Hurley says he had an altercation with Locke and was left behind. They continue their search in Ben’s house.

Juliet arrives back with a rifle-toting, happy-to-see-a-chopper Desmond.

Sayid finds a hidden room with many passports, at least one of them has Ben’s , they are ambushed by Sawyer, Locke, and Danielle. It seems Hurley was bait. Sawyer keeps Kate ‘prisoner’ in a room and tries to convince her that she should stay on the island with him and play house. Sayid convinces Locke to trade Charlotte for Miles.

Desmond questions Frank and Daniel about the picture of he and Penny that was found on Naomi, but neither one will say anything – they just trade portentous glances.

Sayid returns and tells Jack that Kate chose to stay behind. Sayid and Desmond board the chopper, with Sayid also asking that Naomi’s body be taken back. Charlotte and Daniel decide to stay behind.

As Frank is ready to fly, Daniel pulls him aside and cautions him to ensure that he come back in on the exact bearing that he flew in the first time. The chopper pulls away and heads over the ocean.

Sayid’s flash-forward:

Sayid is golfing in the Seychelles when he strikes up a conversation – and a bet – with another golfer. The other golfer wins the wager, but says Sayid does not need to pay when he finds out that Sayid is one of the ‘Oceanic 6’. This golfer’s instincts are right – Sayid shoots him, saying his name (Mr Angeline) as he does so. Apparently, the man was not a stranger to Sayid.

In Berlin, Sayid goes into a café and shares a table with an attractive young woman. Mutual attraction leads to small talk, a date, and, eventually, a relationship. But Sayid’s real purpose is to kill the woman’s employer. Unbeknownst to Sayid, the woman is aware of this, and is staying with Sayid to get information from him. A gun battle ensures; Sayid is shot but the woman is killed. Sayid visits a veterinarian’s office to get fixed up. The vet is none other than Ben, who is revealed to be Sayid’s boss. Ben has hired Sayid to assassinate a list of people who Ben says are threats to Sayid’s friends.


We now know 4 of the ‘Oceanic 6’: Jack, Kate, Hurley, and Sayid.

Although I have glanced at reports that season 4 ratings are down, I personally am not seeing a decline in the quality of the episodes. The writing is still good, and I am amused by the introduction of new mysteries. The four new characters introduced, and their murky purpose, has served the story well. Granted, I still believe that season 1 was the strongest season, since I prefer the simpler ‘survival’ plot. There was more focus on personality and conflict. Now, there is a tendency to overplot.


It’s strange that Locke would give Charlotte to Sayid, knowing that this would enable Sayid to reach the ship. Since Locke has stated numerous times that he and his group do not want to be rescued, you would think he would want to inhibit Sayid from reaching the ship.

Why is Sayid able to trade Miles for Charlotte? At this point, Locke has already captured Sayid and Miles. Miles is no longer Sayid’s to hand over. If Locke wants Miles, all he has to do is keeping holding him prisoner.

Quotable Quotes

Sayid: Gun's a last resort, Kate.
Kate: You give Locke that same speech?

Kate: Kinda sucks, huh?
Jack: What's that?
Kate: Being told not to come along. Now you know what it feels like to be me.
Jack: Does that mean I should wait twenty minutes and go anyway?

Sawyer: What's in this cabin that's so important anyway?
Ben: John's looking for somebody to tell him what to do next.

Sawyer: You ready to give us the name, Gizmo?
Locke: He's not going to tell you who the spy is on their boat, James.
Sawyer: Yeah, why not?
Locke: Because that's the only thing keeping him alive.
Sawyer: Well here's an idea: why don't we take a gun, point it to his big toe and send that little piggy to the market. ... And if he still doesn't want to tell us, move on to the roast beef. Why don't we do that?
Locke: Because then we'd have to carry him.

Sayid: You're not the best candidate for this kind of mission.
Jack: What kind of mission is that?
Sayid: I'm going to make Locke give me Charlotte. And I'm going to do it without any bloodshed.
Jack: As opposed to the way I'd do it.
Sayid: Last time you encountered him; you put a gun to his head and pulled the trigger. That's not good diplomacy.

Frank: What happened to Miles?
Sayid: I traded him.
Frank: Traded him?
Sayid: I promised you Charlotte. Here she is.
Frank: You cheated.
Sayid: Did I?
Frank: Yes, you did. Lucky for you, that guy's nothing but a pain in my ass.

Sayid: Naomi, were you close to her?
Miles: Nope. Met her on the boat.
Sayid: You don't seem particularly affected by her death.
Miles: Sure I'm affected. She was hot and I dug her accent.

Sawyer: Look around us, Freckles. We've got roofs over our heads, electricity, showers, beds -
Kate: How long, Sawyer? How long do you think we can play house?
Sawyer: Why don't we find out?

Frank: This guy Sayid, where's he from?
Jack: Iraq.
Frank: Iraq? So he's just gonna go and work everything out? What was he, a diplomat?
Jack: No... No, he was a torturer.

Miles: Where the hell did they go, Tubby?
Hurley: Oh - awesome, the ship sent us another Sawyer.

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