Friday, June 13, 2008

3.21 Greatest Hits

Desmond has had another one of his flashes. He sees Claire and Aaron, rescued, leaving the island on a helicopter. But one of the pieces of the puzzle that makes this possible is Charlie’s death. This time, Charlie must die or Claire and Aaron will not be rescued.

It is soon revealed how this will happen. Sayid has repaired Naomi’s radio, but the signal is being jammed. He believes it is being jammed by Danielle’s distress call. But Juliet reveals that it is jammed from an underwater Dharma station called The Looking Glass. Desmond death scene for Charlie involves a hatch, flipping a yellow lit switch, and then drowning. This must be the place, so when a volunteer is needed to disable the jamming signal, Charlie steps forward. However, Jack vetoes the idea.

Jack is more focused on retaking charge of the group and preparing the invasion of the Others. To demonstrate his plan, Jack brings the group out into an open area and summons Danielle, who ghosts out silently from the jungle, joins the connections on a car battery, and blows a few palm trees sky high. Jack’s plan: when the Others come to the marked tents, the tents will blow up and kill them.

Back at camp, everyone chips in to wire the tents so they can be detonated the following night. But Karl arrives in the outrigger to tell them that the plans have changed and the Others will be there tonight instead!

At the Others camp, we find out the reason why this happened: Ben returned from his outing with Locke and Jacob looking angry that things didn’t go as planned. He tells Richard that Jacob wants them to get the women today. Ben also changes the plans, telling his men to take all the women and sort them out later. And he says if any of the men get in the way, they should be killed. Alex overhears this and it is she who tells Karl (who is still a fugitive and is living in the woods) that he must go and warn the survivors, since Kate and Sawyer saved his life.

There will be no time for the survivors to wire the dynamite properly. Sayid comes up with the idea of shooting the dynamite from a distance. He assembles three shooters: Bernard, Jin, and himself.

Charlie prepares himself for leaving. He thinks about and writes down his ‘greatest hits’, the five most memorable moments of this life. He leaves his heirloom ring for Aaron. He kisses Claire goodbye, and hugs Hurley and tells him he loves him.

Desmond and Charlie take the outrigger and follow the cable near where Danielle was first encountered. When they reach the underwater station, Desmond offers to take Charlie’s place. Charlie seems to think this is a good idea, but then knocks Desmond out with a paddle and dives down. He barely makes it under and up into the submarine docking pool, where he collapses on the floor, yelling with joy at being alive. Suddenly, doors open and two women in military-type gear burst in, guns drawn, and aimed at him.


This is another top-notch episode. I also like the way the creators built us up to think that Charlie was going to die, only to save him (for a while, anyway).

We are back watching the great battle for leadership (before, it was Jack and Locke; now, it is Jack and Sayid).

The woman Charlie saves from the mugger is Sayid’s love interest, Nadia.

Charlie’s greatest hits:
#5 The first time I heard myself on the radio.
#4 Dad teaching me to swim at Butlin's.
#3 The Christmas Liam gave me the ring.
#2 Woman outside Covent Garden calls me a Hero.
#1 The night I met you (meaning Claire).


Because the creators need to have a big explosion in every episode, Jack has to drag everyone out away from camp and then show them a big explosion, rather than just telling them his plan. "And now, this explosion is for all of you who don’t know what something looks like when it blows up."

The ring that Charlie puts in Aaron’s crib is a choking hazard.

As Charlie runs toward Hurley to hug him goodbye, you can briefly see the legs and sandal-clad feet of a Lost crewmember on the left.

Quotable Quotes

Charlie: All right. Tell me.
Desmond: You sure you wanna know? It might be easier if you just...
Charlie: Yeah. I want to know.
Desmond: You're inside a hatch. There's, uh, a room full of equipment. There's a blinking yellow light above a switch. You flick the switch, light goes off, and, then, you drown.

Naomi: You're from Manchester then?
Charlie: I am. My band got it's start at the Night and Day bar on Oldham Street.
Naomi: What band?
Charlie: Oh, we're called Drive Shaft.
Naomi: Yeah. Yeah, I know you.
Charlie: We had a... moment in the sun.
Naomi: No, not that. The crash! You're the dead rock star. They made a big deal out of you when they found the plane. Huge memorial service, new album.
Charlie: There's a new album?
Naomi: Yeah. God, it was everywhere. The greatest hits thing. Hey, look on the bright side; you're not really dead, right?

Karl: They're, coming. My people.
Sawyer: Sorry you came all this way for nothing but we already know.
Karl: Then why are you still here?
Sawyer: Because when your people show up here tomorrow night, we're gonna be ready for 'em.
Karl: Tomorrow? No. No they're coming tonight. They're coming right now!

Ben: If you leave right now, how long will it take to you to reach their camp?
Ryan: Well, if I take my ten best, we could set up to hit 'em by nightfall.
Ben: Then you better get going.
Richard: No. No, Ben. Wait, moving at this schedule, Juliet may not be ready, what if she hasn't had time to identify -
Ben: Then we'll take all their women, and we'll sort out the ones we need later.
Ryan: And the men?
Ben: If any of them are stupid enough to get in your way, kill 'em.

"What are you more concerned about? Killing the Others or getting our people off this island? This afternoon you said you were our leader; it's time for you to act like one. Lead them to the radio tower Jack. And then take us all home."
- Sayid: (to Jack)

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