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4.4 Eggtown

Locke makes a fresh egg and melon breakfast and brings it to Ben, but when  Ben refuses to share any information about the ship, Locke takes it away. Locke endures more classic Ben needling about how Locke doesn’t know what to do next, but it appears to have no effect. But when Locke gets a little way down the hall, he slams the tray into the wall. Inside, Ben’s mouth curls into a smile: mission accomplished yet again.

Claire and Kate are enjoying a cup of coffee on the deck. Claire goes to make a cup for Sawyer. Sawyer asks Kate to move in with him, but she refuses. She doesn’t share her secret agenda. Kate asks Sawyer to leave.

Jin and Sun discuss where they will live after they are rescued. Jin wants to live in the USA, explaining that this is why he learned English. However, Sun wants to return home to Korea. Their discussion is interrupted by the arrival of Jack, Juliet, Daniel, and Charlotte. Sun asks about Kate, and Jack tells her that she stayed with Locke.

Kate visits Locke and asks if she can speak to Miles. Locke asks her why; she says that is her business. Locke says no. There is a tense discussion about whether Locke is a dictator or not.

Kate sees Hurley carrying a tray of food. She tells him Locke asked her to bring it to Miles. But when she doesn’t know that Miles is being held at the boathouse, Hurley realizes he is being scammed. He still gives her the tray, but he makes her promise that she won’t spring Miles and won’t tell Locke that Hurley.

Kate asks Miles if his people know anything about her. Miles promises to answer that question if she will let him have 1 minute with you-know-who (Ben).

When Jack admits he is unable to get through the ship, Sun asks him if perhaps Locke is right – that the new people are going to try to hurt them. But Jack says that Locke has no idea what he is doing.

Kate asks Claire about Locke – how often he leaves his house, and whether he still has Ben in the basement. When Aaron cries, Claire asks Kate to pick him up, but Kate refuses, saying she isn’t good with babies.

Kate visits Sawyer and asks him to help her bust Ben out of his prison. Sawyer distracts Locke with a backgammon game, and fools Locke a little by telling him that Kate’s plan is to spring Ben and bring him to Miles. Locke and Sawyer go to the boathouse, but Miles is gone. Kate has brought Miles to Ben, instead. Miles uses his minute to tell Ben he will tell his employer Ben is dead, if Ben pays him 3.2 million dollars. Kate cuts short the conversation. As she and Miles are leaving, they meet Locke and Sawyer on the stairs. Locke orders Kate to go back to her house, taking possession of Miles at gunpoint.

Locke follows Kate back to her house and asks Claire to go away so he can talk to Kate alone. He asks her what Ben and Miles said to each other. Kate tells Locke about Miles extortion offer. Locke tells Kate that she is not welcome any more, and that he wants her gone by morning.

Kate visits Sawyer and tells him what happens. He takes her into his bed and promises to protect her. In the morning, she tells him she was not pregnant, and when she sees his gleeful reaction, she leaves. When Sawyer goads her about going back and forth between him and Jack, she slaps him hard – and still leaves.

Daniel is guessing at cards with Charlotte, when Jack interrupts, concerned about the whereabouts of Sayid and Desmond. He pesters Daniel and Charlotte for an alternative number. They admit there is an emergency number, and they dial it. A woman named Regina answers, but she says no helicopter has arrived.

Locke has chained Miles’ arms to the ceiling, apparently all night. He visits Miles in the morning, pulls a pin from a hand grenade, and shoves the grenade in Miles’ mouth.


The flash-forward:

Kate is in court, charged with a long list of offenses, with first degree murder being the most serious. Despite her well-known face as one of the Oceanic 6, she is remanded in custody, since her past history makes her a strong candidate to flee.

Kate’s lawyer asks her to enter a plea bargain, but she isn’t interested, nor is she willing to bring her son into court as a way of eliciting sympathy from the jury. But her lawyer does invite Jack to testify. Jack says that he crashed into the water and was saved by Kate. In fact, he says, she saved all 8 of the crash survivors: got food and water for them. He says they all would have died if it wasn’t for Kate. Kate interrupts him and says she doesn’t want to hear anymore –

Kate’s mother asks to speak to Kate, saying that she doesn’t want to testify anymore. But she wants to see Kate’s son. When Kate hears this, she tells her mom she is not welcome anywhere near her son, and asks her mother to go away.

The trial is halted when the star witness, Kate’s mom, refuses to testify. Kate strikes a deal that keeps her out of prison, but she is not allowed to leave the state.

As Kate leaves the courtroom via the back way, Jack intercepts her. Kate thanks Jack for telling the story, stating that it is a lie that Jack has repeated many times. Jack says he didn’t mean what he said in the courtroom – meaning that he does love her. Kate asks him to come over, but Jack wants to go for coffee. Kate says she knows why Jack doesn’t want to see the baby, but she cannot socialize with him until he is ready to deal with it. Jack says okay, and they part ways.

Kate returns home to her baby-sitter, who has just put the baby down for a nap. She wakes him, and calls him by name: Aaron!


I suppose Aaron has now been confirmed as one of the Oceanic 6.

Why is Kate saying that she is Aaron’s mother? Why – and how – did Kate get possession of Aaron? We probably won’t find out the answer to that question for some time.

I like the way Jack’s story of Kate, told in the courtroom, starts as a small lie, and becomes a bigger one.

Kate’s sick mother is wearing one of those oxygen tubes in her nose. Actors as patients are always wearing those tubes. I wish I had invested in the company that makes those tubes years ago!

When Miles is talking to Ben, just before he says, "It’s extortion…", his lips move. It could be a stutter, or he could be delivering a hidden message to Ben.

A poster called kkelley09, posting on YouTube, has this theory: 3.2 million dollars is a code. 3,200,000 matches the heading that Ben gave Michael to head for when he left the island. This can be extrapolated from the 3.2, combined with the 5 zeros. This indicates that the outsiders know where the island is located, and Ben has a week to act/deliver before the outsiders arrive.


The trial scene is goofy as only a TV trial scene can be. A defendant (Kate) objects, and the judge does not find her in contempt of court. The prosecuting attorney asks Jack if he is in love with Kate. Things like this don’t happen in real life.

Kate has suddenly developed a Canadian accent; she keeps saying ‘oat’ when she means ‘out’ (I think Evangeline Lilly must be slipping up, and the director isn’t noticing it).

Charlotte tells Jack there is another emergency number. She dials the number, then Jack says, "Put her on speaker." Regina answers the phone. How did Jack know that a woman was going to answer the phone? In the past, Mikowski or Regina answered the phone! And I don’t think Jack was calling the phone ‘her’.

Quotable Quotes

"I feel for you, John. I really do. You keep hitting dead ends. ... You couldn't find the cabin, you can't make contact with're so desperate to figure out what to do next, you're even asking me for help. So here we are, just like old times. Except I'm locked in a different room, and you're more lost than you ever were."
- Ben

Kate: I wanna talk to Miles. Where you keeping him?
Locke: Why do you need to talk to him?
Kate: Well, that's personal.
Locke: No.
Kate: And what gives you the right to decide whether or not -
Locke: You may think this is a democracy Kate, because of the way Jack ran things, but this is not a democracy.
Kate: Then I guess that makes it a dictatorship.
Locke: If I was a dictator, I would just shoot you and go about my day. Dinner's at 6:00 if you're hungry.

Kate: Are you taking that to Miles?
Hurley: Yeah.
Kate: Locke told me to do it.
Hurley: Good, that guy creeps me out.
Kate: He's still in the rec room, right?
Hurley: No, he's in the boat house......You just totally Scooby Doo-ed me, didn't you?

Miles: You bring him to me, and I will tell you everything I know about you.
Kate: Who?
Miles: Who do you think?

"Only 8 of us survived the crash, we landed in the water, I was hurt pretty badly, in fact - if it weren't for her, I wouldn't have made it to the shore. She took care of me, she took care of all of us."
- Jack

Ben: What makes you think I have access to that kind of money?
Miles: Do not treat me like I'm one of them! Like I don't know who you are and what you can do!

Sawyer: Beach? What, you're leaving? Because of this? That's that? You crawl up in my bed one second and the next you just...
Kate: Goodbye, James.
Sawyer: Don't make this about me, Kate. You didn't want a baby anymore than I did. You're just looking for some excuse to split, and now you've got one. But that's all right, Freckles, I ain't gonna hold it against you. I'm just gonna sit right here in my comfortable bed, because in about a week, you'll find some reason to get pissed at Jack, and bounce right back to me.

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