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4.1 The Beginning of the End

The man on the boat says he needs to rejig the phone and asks to speak to Naomi. Jack lies and says that she has gone to get firewood.

Ben begs Danielle to take his daughter far away from this place, before everyone is killed. Danielle simply tells him to shut up, because Alex is not his daughter.

Jack and Kate suddenly notice that Naomi is missing. Ben says she crawled away. Kate find two trails – one is a blood trail and one isn’t. She suspects trickery, but Jack says Naomi was injured and wouldn’t have the strength for tricks. He says he will follow the blood trail, and asks Kate to lead the people back to the beach. They hug goodbye.

Jack and Danielle follow the blood trail, with Ben tied up and towed behind. When the trail suddenly ends, Danielle says they have been tricked. Jack reaches for the phone but it is gone. Ben says that Kate took it when she hugged him.

Kate finds Naomi, who attacks her and demands the phone. Kate begs her not to tell how she got hurt, saying that Locke is not one of them. Naomi takes the phone and tells the boat man that she hurt herself when she parachuted onto the island. She adjusts the phone, and the man says he has pinpointed her position. Then she dies.

The Looking Glass crew returns with the news that Charlie is dead. Hurley is most affected by this. The crew also brings Charlie’s message: "Not Penny’s Boat." This they take to mean that the people on the boat are evil. Sawyer wants to warn Jack using the walkie, but Sayid says they must not, because the evil boat people are probably monitoring their communication. Hurley ends this discussion by tossing the walkie in the ocean and starting out to get to Jack. Everyone else falls into step.

As it gets dark, Hurley falls behind and gets separated from the group. He ends up at Jacob’s hut. He hears whispering, looks inside, and sees a shadowy shape in the rocking chair, and another face popping up at the window. Scared, he runs, and is able to close his eyes and make the hut go away. When he opens his eyes, Locke is there. Locke gives him water and calms him down. Together, they go to find Jack and warn him about the boat.

Hurley and Locke reach Sayid and the crew. Sayid is angry at seeing Locke, but not as angry as Jack and his crew show up. Jack punches Locke, steals his gun, and pulls the trigger while pointing it at Locke’s head. The unloaded gun clicks harmlessly. Jack’s authority is undermined when Hurley reveals Charlie’s dieing message. Locke says he is heading for the abandoned barracks, stating that the security there is best. Everyone except for Jack and Kate go with him.

Hurley also volunteers to tell Claire about Charlie, in a very moving scene.

The rain starts falling (never a good omen). Jack and Kate reminisce about their initial trip across the island with Charlie to the cabin of the plane. They are interrupted by the sound of a helicopter. A solo man parachutes down, removes his helmet, and says, "Are you Jack?"

The flash-forward:

Jack watches Hurley crash his car. Hurley is arrested, yelling that he is one of the ‘Oceanic 6’. He is questioned by the cop who used to partner Ana Lucia. The cop asks Hurley if he knew her, but Hurley says he never heard of her. Hurley is seeing things and is sent to a mental institution, for which is he grateful – he feels safe there. In the institution, he is visited by a man who says he works for Oceanic Airlines, but Hurley doesn’t believe it. Later, he is visited by Charlie. Charlie says he is dead. Charlie also says, "They need you."

Jack visits Hurley and asks if he has told or he will tell. Hurley doesn’t answer. Hurley says they need to go back – that it needs them. Jack has cleaned up his act, although he is still drinking a little. He gets angry and says they can never go back. "Never say never, dude," says Hurley.


Cleverly, the creators are now using flash-forwards instead of flashbacks. Good – I was getting sick of those flashbacks.

The flash-forward in this episode takes place before the one shown in the previous episode. Previously, Jack had a beard and he had deteroriated to heavy drinking and drug use. In this episode, he is just a little unshaven, and is only adding a little bit of alcohol to his morning drink.

In the Future, Hurley apologizes to Jack for going with Locke. Yet we now know that Locke was never going to shoot Jack – the gun was not loaded. We also know that Jack was going to shoot and kill Locke – he fired the unloaded gun at his head. So who is good and who is evil? One thing is sure – Locke seems incapable of killing, but Jack could kill at any time.

Christian Shephard is seen in Jacob's cabin wearing a single white tennis shoe - the other shoe was seen hanging from a branch on the beach in the first episode of Lost.


During Hurley's car chase in the beginning of the episode, an ‘Aloha’ gas station sign is visible. Aloha gas stations are located in Hawaii – but Hurley is supposed to be living in California (Lost is filmed in Hawaii).

Quotable Quotes

Ben: Everyone who stays here is going to die. Now get Alex and get away right now. I don't care where you go. Just go. I will not have my daughter -
Danielle: (punches Ben in the face) She's not your daughter!

Hurley: I don't think we did the right thing, Jack. I think it wants us to come back.
Jack: Hurley.
Hurley: And it's going to do everything it can -
Jack: We're never going back!
Hugo: Never say never, dude.

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