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1.13 Hearts and Minds

Boone is watching the blossoming friendship between his sister Shannon and Sayid, but is distracted by Hurley asking him why he and Locke have not been bringing back any much-needed meat for the camp.

We see Boone and Locke in the jungle, still working on the ‘something’ they found. It is a metal door leading down into the ground. They have hidden this discovery from everyone else.

Hurley shares his digestive problems with Jack. They seem to be caused by a lack of protein in his diet. Hurley believes that Jin has not been sharing his catch with him because Hurley offended him early on by not accepting sea urchin sushi.

Jack discovers Sun and Kate’s herb garden. Kate puts forward the idea that perhaps Locke is purposefully holding off from catching any boar.

Hurley asks Jin where to find the fish, but gets a Korean answer.

Boone tells Locke that he wants to tell Shannon about the doorway. When he turns his back Locke knocks him out with the blunt end of a knife. When Boone wakes up, he is tied up. Locke treats his head wound, leaves him a knife so he can work himself free, and tells his camp is four miles due west.

Kate is blabbing to Sun in English and realizes that Sun understood her. Sun asks her not to tell anyone.

Hurley, fishing unsuccessfully near Jin, steps on an urchin and begs Jin to pee on his foot to eradicate the poison.

Locke gives Sayid a compass to help with his orienteering.

Boone, motivated by cries of help from Shannon, frees himself and finds Shannon tied to a tree. He frees her just before the monster reaches them. They hide in a thicket of trees. Shannon asks Boone what he did to anger Locke, but Boone gives no information.

Sayid tells Jack that the compass Locke gave to him is defective.

Locke tells Jack that he hasn’t seen Boone all day. He also says he believes the boar have migrated out of their valley to avoid "…the most dangerous predator of all."

Sun tells Kate that only Michael knows that she speaks English.

Jin gives Hurley another sea urchin. Hurley promptly throws it up.

Charlie expresses his utmost trust in Locke to Jack.

Jin gives a beautiful cleaned fish to Hurley.

Jack gives a handful of guava seeds to Kate.

Boone tells Shannon about the hatch. Soon after, she is caught and carried away by the monster.

Boone finds Shannon’s lifeless, half-devoured body in a stream flowing red with her blood. Boone makes it back to camp and jumps Locke, blaming him for Shannon’s death. But Locke tells him that Shannon is fine. Locke had put a drug in the ointment he used to treat his head wound, and it was all a hallucination meant to make Boone let go of the strange protective/love relationship he has with his step-sister.

Boone and Shannon’s backstory flashbacks:

Shannon rings Boone to ask for his help, while an abusive boyfriend screams things at her in the background. Back in the present, Boone tells Sayid to stay away from Shannon.

Boone visiting Shannon in Sydney, Australia. Boone discovers that Shannon is being beaten, but she sends him away, too scared to say anything in front of her boyfriend.

Boone, sitting in a Sydney police station, trying to convince a cop to take action for Shannon. While they speak, Sawyer is dragged through, protesting about his arrest. Boone pays off the boyfriend to leave, saying it is the third time he has done so.

We find out that Shannon hustled her step-brother to get money for her and her boyfriend, and it isn’t the first time it has happened.

Shannon telling Boone that he is in love with her. They kiss, and fall to the bed. Later that night, Shannon asks Boone to forget about the whole thing.


This is an exciting episode, focusing on the psychological aspects to build tension from a variety of plot threads.

Kate states that the castaways have been on the island for over three weeks.


The Sydney cop whom Boone talks to has a British accent, not an Australian one.

Memorable Moments

  • Shannon’s death

Quotable Quotes

Locke: Hi.
Sayid: I didn't hear you.
Locke: Sorry. I'm sneakier than I give myself credit for.

"You sure you don’t speak English? Because there’s a rumor that you do….you’re wife’s hot."
- Hurley, testing Jin

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