Wednesday, February 13, 2008

1.2 (Pilot, part 2)

Michael approaches Sun to ask if she has seen Walt. While she is answering, Jin tells her to button the top button of her blouse.

They’ve got the transceiver but it isn’t working. Sayid can fix it, but not before fighting with Sawyer, who accuses him of being a prisoner on board the airplane. Someone was a prisoner, as there were handcuffs found in the jungle by Walt. We also find out that Charlie is a drug addict: when the plane was starting to free-fall, he was in the toilet, getting high.

Jin slaps Sun when she goes to try some of the sushi that he is preparing. When he leaves, Sun symbolically unbuttons that top button of her blouse.

Looking for a high point to try the transceiver, Kate, Charlie, Sawyer, Shannon, and Boone make a treacherous climb to the top of a high mountain. They are approached by a large animal. Sawyer stands his grounds and shoots it numerous times: all are surprised to see it is a polar bear.

The transceiver works, but their signal is masked by a repeating signal emanating from somewhere on the island – a call for help that has been transmitted - unanswered - for 16 years.


This episode again moves quickly, and despite some overacting occasionally (which also works because it is camp), it’s more-ish. You just want to keep watching to find out what happens next.

One of the most intriguing cliffhangers is Ben asking Walt: "Do you want to know a secret?" You get the feeling that perhaps one of the people gathered there may not have been on the plane, and knows exactly what is going on.

Memorable Moments

  • Sawyer shoots a polar bear
  • The law enforcement officer who was escorting the handcuffed Kate on the plane wakes up from his injuries with the line, "Where is she?"

Quotable Quotes

Hurley: Chain smoking jackass.
Sayid: We all have problems.
Hurley: We all have problems – him.

Shannon: I’ve just been through a trauma here!
Boone: We’ve all been through a trauma! The only difference is that you’ve given yourself a pedicure since the crash!

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