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1.20 Do No Harm

Boone is severely injured, and Jack treats him while asking for help from various other grossed out and shocked castaways. Kate is sent to run down to the beach to get all of Sawyer’s alcohol. For once, he hands it over without demanding anything or making any cute jokes.

Claire visits Michael to check on the raft progress. Michael tells her it will be finished in a week, and she walks off quickly.

Jack says Boone needs a transfusion but hasn’t figured out how he is going to facilitate one. Sun offers to take over for a little while, so Jack slips outside and gives some short testy answers to Charlie’s questions about what happened and the whereabouts of Shannon. Back at the operating table, Sun holds Boone’s shoulders while Jack sets his leg, and they both absorb Boone’s cries of pain.

On her way back from the beach, Kate falls and breaks some of the alcohol bottles in her backpack. While she is assessing the damage, she hears a whimpering sound and discovers Claire, wandering around, about to have the baby. Claire doesn’t want to, or can’t, get back to camp. Kate’s cries for help are heard by Jin on the beach. He sprints inland and finds Kate and Claire. Kate gives him the backpack of alcohol and tells him to find and bring Jack.

Sun is repeatedly asking the in-shock Boone for his blood type. Somehow, Boone is able to choke out "A negative". Jack sends Sun to ask everyone what their blood type is – and to find Shannon.

Shannon is off with Sayid, who has prepared a surprise torch-lit banquet for her on a secluded beach.

Charlie has been unable to find anyone who knows their blood type or is A negative, leaving Jack – with his O negative blood – as the only possible donor. Jack says that O negative is a universal transfusion type that is a close match, but it may send Boone into naphthylacetic shock. Sun has brought back a sea urchin with sharp hollow spikes perfect for use as a needle for a transfusion.

Jin arrives and tells Jack and Sun about Claire. Jack is now mid-transfusion and cannot leave to deliver the baby. Instead, he gives instructions to Charlie that must be relayed to Kate. As evening falls, Claire’s water breaks – and no one else has arrived.

When Boone comes to, he tells Jack that he hurt himself when the plane fell – and that he and Locke found a hatch but that Locke said not to tell.

Shannon stops kissing Sayid to tell him that Boone is in love with her, but she is not in love with him – and yet she wants to take it slow.

Charlie and Jin join Claire and Kate. Claire is terrified of giving birth on and island, and tormented by what ‘they’ may have done to the baby during her unremembered captivity, but Kate assures her that they will get through it together. Claire is reluctant to give birth, fearing that the baby will sense that she had meant to give it away and will reject her, but Kate is able to cajole her into pushing.

Boone has lost consciousness, and Jack is distraught. Sun rips the tube from Jack’s arm, telling him that he has given enough. Jack asks Hurley to get Michael, but will not tell him why. When Michael arrives, Sun finds out why – Boone’s leg is filling with blood, and the only way to save him is to amputate it. Sun sees that Boone is bleeding internally and believes that Jack cannot save him, but is unable to let go. Just as he is about to amputate the leg, Boone regains consciousness and asks Jack to let him die. With Shannon’s name on his lips, Boone passes on.

Claire gives birth to a healthy baby boy, and Charlie hugs and dances with Jin. The next morning, everyone gathers on the beach to look at the baby. As they celebrate, Sayid and Shannon return from their overnight, and Jack meets them on the beach and imparts the sad news. Later, Shannon cries as she views Boone’s body.

Jack sits alone on the beach, and Kate joins him to talk, but finds out that Jack blames Locke for Boone’s murder, and is heading out into the jungle to find him.

Jack’s backstory flashback:

At his own wedding, Jack is talking to his best man, then listening to an impassioned speech by his bride to be about how she was told she would never walk after a car accident at his own wedding. Jack fixed her, and she fell in love with him.

We now flashback to before Jack’s wedding, as he discusses with his bride to be the vows he will take, and he expresses concern that his father may not show up for the wedding.

Fully clothed, but with his pants-covered legs dangling in the pool, Jack sits, sipping from an almost empty bottle of vodka, trying to write wedding vows. His father arrives, and they discuss why the words will not come. Jack asked Sarah to marry him because he saved her life, not because they are soul-mates – but he only has realized this now.

During the wedding ceremony, when it is Jack’s turn to say his vows, he seems to be backing down, but instead he has crafted – or ad-libbed, a beautiful, heart-felt response.


The tension in this episode comes when Boone tells of the plane and the hatch – when he is well, will he stick to his story, or recant and say that he was delirious?

There is great tension also as we wait for Jack to respond to Sarah’s vows. Will he back out? The writing is good here, leading us in all the wrong directions.

The twin storylines focus directly on Jack’s strength of commitment, but also on his difficulty in knowing when he needs to let go.

I may be a tough, macho man, but when Claire gave birth, a few tears came to the corners of my eyes, the result of a well-filmed and acted scene.

Although Locke’s involvement in Boone’s death is one of the focal points of this episode, Locke is not on-screen at all, other than a brief opening flashback to the discovery of the hatch.

It must be more than coincidence that when Sun tells Jack that Boone is a lost cause and he can't amputate, Jack says, "Don’t tell me what I can't do!" This is the exact same line that Locke uses a number of times in Episode 1.4 (Walkabout).


Jin is working on the raft, on the beach, in the wind, just a couple of yards from crashing waves. There is no possible way that he should be able to hear Kate calling for help, and yet, he does.

Memorable Moments

  • The cliffhanger ending as Jack heads out to confront Locke for the murder of Boone

Quotable Quotes

Shannon: Are you lost?
Sayid: No. Absolutely not.

"I didn’t write any vows. I’ve been trying to for a month, but – I couldn’t. So I started to wonder why that was. And as time went on, it only got worse. Because – because I’m not good at letting go. Or maybe I’m afraid of what will happen if I fail. But I know one thing – I would have never been able to write anything as beautiful as what you just said. And last night, Sarah, when you were talking about the accident, you got it all wrong. I didn’t fix you; you fixed me. I love you, Sarah, and I always will."
- Jack’s vows

"Tell Shannon – tell Shannon…tell…"
- Boone’s last words

Jack: Beautiful healthy baby.
Kate: Wanna talk about it?
Jack: Talk about what?
Kate: Boone died, Jack.
Jack: He didn’t die. He was murdered.
Kate: Jack. Where are you going?
Jack: To find John Locke.

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