Saturday, February 16, 2008

1.3 Tabula Rasa

Jack now knows that Kate was the prisoner. Her guard claims she is very dangerous. The people on the hike, camping out, realize they crashed 1000 miles off course, and that rescue is unlikely anytime soon.

Faced with the realization that they may not be rescued, the hiking group agrees not to tell anyone else. However, Kate tells Jack, but she does not tell him that she was a prisoner, even though she has a good opportunity.

Sayid splits people into organized groups to get water, food, and electronic equipment.

We are learning a little about Kate’s backstory. She was traveling in Australia and stopped to work on a farm with a widower. She stays for three months and is running from something, but gets turned in by the farmer.


Sawyer is a real threat who does not care about anything but himself, and also does not mind telling everyone that fact.

Australians hate to dob people in. It is completely against their nature, and it would be extremely against the nature of an outback farmer. I find it almost unbelievable that this would happen.

One interesting side-story is the Korean couple. Jin-Soo is a domineering man who is so far unaware that his wife Sun-Hwa is starting to get sick of his attitude. She rebels by re-opening the top button of her shirt, even after her husband told her to close it while Walt’s father Michael was speaking to her in episode 1. And her reaction when Michael accidentally happens upon her topless when she is bathing is not one of being offended – it is in fact hard to read.

Locke whittles a whistle and gets Walt’s dog back. It seems like such a sweet gesture, until the episode ends with what looks like malevolence on Locke’s face of evil as he watches the boy’s reaction.

The episode ends with a little music video where people are doing nice things for each other (at least, it’s nice until you see Locke’s reaction).

Quotable Quotes

"If we tell them what we know, we take away their hope. And hope is a very dangerous thing to lose."
- Sayid

"Three days ago we all died. We should all be able to start over."
- Jack


  1. What about Locke's face looked malevolent to you? I'm sensitive to facial expressions and his face didn't trigger me at all.

    1. Watch it again, and listen to the 'evil' music playing in the background.