Friday, February 22, 2008

2.2 Adrift

Sawyer just manages to pull the distraught and drowning Michael up onto the remains of the burning raft. But Michael is not breathing.

In slight flashback, Locke descends into the shaft to find Kate.

Sawyer is trying hard to revive Michael and eventually succeeds.

In flashback, Michael speaks to a lawyer about the situation with Walt. Walt’s mom has asked the Michael completely relinquish his paternal rights to Walt so that her boyfriend can adopt. Michael wants to file an injunction to stop her from leaving the country, but the lawyer says this will be expensive. Michael, however, insists; he does not want to lose his son.

Michael keeps shouting for Walt. Sawyer tells him to save his strength, but Michael wants Walt to hear that he is alive and is coming to get him.

In slight flashback, Locke moves through the underground world and finds the control center and Kate, bruised but okay. Desmond arrives behind them and trains a gun on them.

Stranded now on a tiny piece of the raft, Sawyer calls for the missing Jin until Michael decides to blame Sawyer for the disaster, saying that Sawyer made him fire the flare. They are interrupted by one or more large sharks pounding against the bottom of the raft. Sawyer drops the gun by accident while trying to dry out the bullets. Tired of arguing, Sawyer leaves the raft and moves to another small bundle of floating wood.

In flashback, an arrogant lawyer for the opposition berates Michael’s lack of knowledge of his son.

Sawyer pulls the bullet from his arm with his own fingers. Michael, drifting nearby on the same current, looks on, amazed and disgusted.

Locke tries to convince Desmond that he is who he thinks he is. It doesn’t work, but Locke does manage to get Kate tied up instead of him. He slips something for Kate (a knife to cut the ropes, I assume).

In mini-flashback, Jack heads off to the shaft. Claire finds Charlie’s virgin Mary statue, but does not know that it is filled with heroin.

Sawyer tells Michael that the boat that took Walt was no good for open ocean and had to have been launched from close by – like on the island itself. He pieces together that when Danielle said that the Others were coming for the child, it meant Walt. Sawyer’s raft breaks apart, so he once again joins Michael.

In flashback, Michael meets with Susan, alone, with no lawyers present. Susan presents a very flawed argument that Michael should just let Walt go.

Her arms tied behind her back, Kate starts by manuevering until they are in front. She frees her hands and turns on the light and finds herself in a storeroom stocked with all types of food. She eats a candy bar, grabs a few more, then climbs out a ceiling vent.

Locke tells Desmond about the plane crash. Desmond is amazed that there are people alive and that they have not gotten sick – he seems to think that there was an apocalypse and he was the sole survivor. He is still wary and is training a gun on Locke when an alarm sounds. Desmond gets Locke to type in Hurley’s numbers and press Execute. This resets a counter. They are interrupted by Jack calling for Kate. Jack and Desmond both point their guns at Locke in a standoff. Jack is trying to get his head aroun Desmond being here.

A pontoon floats nearby. When Sawyer tries to paddle near it, most of the raft breaks up. Sawyer swims for the pontoon despite sharks circling nearby, despite Michael’s warnings. Sawyer gives Michael the gun, and Michael manages to shoot the shark just before it eats Sawyer. They both make it to the pontoon.

In flashback, Michael says goodbye to Walt and tells him his dad will always love him.

Michael cries on the pontoon, then swears to get his son back. The current brings them back onto the island. They hear Jin’s voice. He runs toward them, tied up, speaking mostly in Korean but saying, "Others!". Behind him, a gang of motley people carrying clubs emerge from the jungle.


Saul Rubinek guest-stars as Michael’s lawyer.

Memorable Moments

  • The Others, looking like Day of the Living Castaways

Quotable Quotes

"Are you him? Are you him?"
- Desmond’s first words to Locke

"You got a band-aid?"
- Sawyer to Michael, after pulling a bullet from his bleeding shoulder

Desmond: Are you – are you him?
Locke: Yes. Yes I am.
Desmond: I can’t believe it. You’re finally here.
Locke: Well…here I am.
Desmond: Who’s she?
Locke: She’s with me.
Desmond: What did one snowman say to the other snowman?
Locke: I don’t know what you’re talkin’ about.
Desmond: Get rid of the knife. You’re not him!


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