Saturday, February 16, 2008

1.6 House of the Rising Sun

Jack, Kate, Charlie, and Locke’s hike to water, where Charlie stands on a beehive. In their flight, Kate discovers two mummified bodies of a man and a woman that died 50 years ago.

Jin instigates a seemingly unprovoked attack on Michael and appears ready to kill him, until Sayid and Sawyer intervene and handcuff Jin to the plane.

In flashback, we learn about Jin and Sun’s courtship – how Sun’s father gave permission for Jin and Sun to marry, but only on the condition that Jin work for Sun’s gangster father – and some of that work involved hurting others. Sun watches Jin change to an uncaring, inpatient man, and she makes plans to leave him. But at the last minute, she is unable to follow through.

Jack comes to the conclusion that the people should be moved to the caves at the water source. But convincing others to move off the beach will be difficult, as they must then admit that they are not going to be seen or rescued.

Sun explains to Michael, in English, that Jin’s attack was an honorable attempt to stop a thief. Jin saw Michael wearing Sun’s father’s watch, a watch Michael found. Michael gives the watch back to Jin and frees him from the handcuffs.

Locke helps Charlie stop taking drugs, and finds his guitar.

Despite the connection, Kate decides to stay on the beach, even though Jack asks her to come with him to live in the caves.


Kate is rapidly becoming an aloof, annoying enigma.

The natural solution of having a beach group and a caves group makes sense.

Quotable Quotes

Kate: [about her t-shirt] Anyway, it was full of bees.
Charlie: I would have thought C’s, actually.

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