Thursday, March 13, 2008

2.10 The 23rd Psalm

In flashback, African children are playing soccer when they are interrupted by heavily armed thieves. They try to force a young boy to kill an old man, but when he hesitates, another, larger boy jumps in and kills the man, presumably to save the younger boy from doing it. His name is Eko, and his action endears him to the thief, who takes him into the gang, believing he is a born killer.

As Eko scratches scripture-related keywords into his stick handle, Claire stops by to introduce herself and her biblically named baby Aaron. Claire mentions that Charlie is also religious and carries around a statue of the Virgin Mary. Eko obviously suspects what this statue holds and asks to see it. Claire brings it out and Eko shatters it, revealing the heroin within. He asks none too politely for the location of Charlie.

Michael is watching Locke change the combination to the gun locker (because of the new people in the group. Locke knows that Michael is there because he wants some hardware.

Charlie is net-fishing with Jin when Eko walks up purposefully and demands that Charlie take him to where he found the statue. Charlie complies.

In flashback, Eko is now an adult and is the leader of a drug-dealing gang. He buys a large quantity of heroin and kills the man he is dealing with because the man says he has no soul.

Claire thinks that Charlie is using. He says he is not, and he also says that he didn’t know that there was heroin in the statue.

Locke is teaching Michael how to shoot a rifle.

Charlie leads Eko to a anonymous tree and tells Eko that he found the statue there, but Eko pins him to the tree and tells him to take him to the plane. Eko also wants to know why Charlie lied about not knowing what was in the statue. Charlie gets angry and demands to be treated with respect. Their conflict is interrupted when Eko sees a large trail of black smoke moving beneath the trees.

In flashback, Eko visits his priest brother. His brother was the little boy that Eko saved long ago by shooting the old man. Eko is there to buy Virgin Mary statues to transport the heroin out of the country. Eko makes it sound like he is doing his brother a favor, but his brother refuses to get involved.

Kate is cutting Sawyer’s hair while Hurley and even Michael tell him they are glad he is okay. Sawyer isn’t used to being loved, and he looks pretty uncomfortable about it. Michael asks Kate if he can take her shift at the hatch, but still hasn’t told anyone about his communication with Walt.

Charlie is explaining how he got addicted and how he didn’t need what was in the statue when Eko sees a parachute in a tree. He finds the body of a man wearing priest’s clothers and tells Charlie that the man saved his life.

In flashback, Eko storms into church, rips open the confessional curtain, and demands to talk to his brother. He asks to be made a priest so he can fly the drugs out. Again, his brother refuses. Eko says he would never hurt his brother, but that his two bodyguards will burn the church to the ground. With no choice, his brother gives in, and gets a load of money for polio vaccines.

Charlie is lost. Eko insists that he climb a tree to get his bearings. While Charlie is high in the tree, Eko is approached by the smoke. Eko refuses to run, and insteads stands ‘face-to face’ with the plume. It seemingly studies him, and then moves away.

Charlie did see the plane, about a kilometre away. Eko heads in that direction, followed by Charlie.

Michael is on shift at the computer, typing to Walt, who says he is okay. When Jack comes in, Michael acts as if nothing is going on.

Charlie and Eko reach the plane.

In flashback, Eko is loading that same plane when his brother shows up, with the military and tells Eko to leave and come back with him. A firefight breaks out and Eko’s brother is shot. He is loaded onto the plane, but one of the henchmen pushes Eko off, leaving him to deal with the soldiers.

Eko examines the remains of the plane, finds his brother’s body, and weaps.

The soldiers see Eko dressed as a priest and assume he is one.

Eko tells Charlie that his brother is the dead man. He gives Charlie a replacement statue, douses his brother’s body with petrol, and lights it aflame. Charlie and Eko stand together; Eko dons his brother’s crucifix and tells Charlie that he is a priest. As Eko recites scripture, we see Jin and Sun visiting Ana and bringing her gifts; Hurley helps Libby erect a shelter; Sawyer admires his haircut and plays with Kate; Jack brings Sawyer his medicine.

Claire tells Charlie that she doesn’t want him anywhere near her or the baby, so Charlie leaves. Deep in the jungle, in a camouflaged hole, Charlie gazes at his statue, then places it back in the hole, where it huddles with the other 8 or so statues that he is hoarding.


It appears that Eko became the priest that he was pretending to be.

It’s unclear what Charlie is doing. Is he doing a ‘Ghandi’ (sleeping with virgins) type of thing – tempting himself to see if he can resist?

Quotable Quotes

Eko: I guess we are both sinners now.
Eko’s brother: Perhaps we are. But god will forgive me, Eko.

Eko: Climb that tree.
Charlie: What?
Eko: Climb that tree, and perhaps you’ll be able to get your bearings, or see the plane.
Charlie: You climb it! What if I don’t? You’re gonna beat me with your Jesus stick? I find it a little odd that your scripture stick has dried blood on it.
Eko: Are you going to climb that tree, or not?
Charlie: [gets ready to climb tree] What kind of priest are you, anyway?

Charlie: So are you a priest, or aren’t you?
Eko: Yes, I am. The lord is my shepherd. I shall not want…

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