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2.15 Maternity Leave

It is night on the beach, and Aaron will not settle for Claire – he has a fever and a rash. Claire wakes Locke and when she finds out that Jack is at the hatch, she starts off into the dark jungle. Locke says that is a bad idea, and instead he volunteers to go to the hatch and bring Jack back.

Claire tries to cool Aaron’s badly rash-covered body and is startled when Danielle shows up and says that Aaron is sick and infected. "You don’t remember, do you," says Danielle, and Claire flashes back to her time in captivity, when someone injected her stomach with a medicine they said would stop Claire from getting sick. Kate arrives and chases Danielle away.

Claire wants to convince Jack that Aaron is infected, but Jack says he just has a normal childhood sickness.

Claire asks Libby to help her remember what happened when she was abducted.

Jack and Locke bring food and a book (The Brothers Karamazov) in to Henry, who is badly beaten up, but calm. After Jack and Locke leave the armory, they discuss what to do with him. When Locke questions Jack’s long term plan for Henry, Jack retorts by questioning Locke’s lack of a long term plan for pushing the button. Jack invites Locke to come up with a plan for Henry, at which point Henry, who can hear from inside the armory, suggests they let him go.

Libby takes Claire away and hypnotizes her. Claire remembers being on an operating table. She is calm and relaxed, but the doctor who is questioning her and who gives her an injection is Ethan. Claire comes out of hypnosis suddenly. She is convinced that what she remembers is real. She wants to find that room, believing that the medicine she remembers seeing there will cure Aaron.

At a moment when Henry is out of his cell for a bathroom break, Eko shows up at the hatch and asks Locke to borrow a saw. Before Eko can see Henry, Jack quickly closes himself in the bathroom with Henry and tells him to be quiet. Eko notices the slept-in bed within the half-open door of the armory.

Kate asks Sawyer for a gun, no questions asked, but Sawyer insists on knowing why. Kate and Claire are going to find Danielle, because Claire believes Danielle will know where the room and the medicine is located. Sawyer gives in.

Claire is leaving Aaron in Sun’s care. Sun tries to convince her that what she is doing is a bad idea and that Jack might be right, but Claire says the fever has not broken.

Claire flashes back to getting another belly injection from Ethan. Her reward for being a good patient is a preview of the fully stocked nursery that has been prepared for her baby (located in another room in the underground facility where they are located). Claire asks what happened to Charlie, and Ethan says Charlie is fine – he was allowed to go back to camp. Ethan tells Claire to turn on the baby mobile (which consists of four tiny planes) and it plays ‘Catch a Falling Star’. At that moment, they are interrupted by a man in the hallway who seems to be Ethan’s supervisor. He berates Ethan for bringing Claire in before completing his list as he was ordered. The man also refers to someone (‘he’) even higher up the chain of command who will be angry at the way things were done. The man closes the door so Claire can hear no more.

Claire leaves the crying Aaron with Sun, and heads off with Kate. The trail ends, and as Kate is explaining what she knows about Danielle, Danielle shows up. After being prodded by Claire, Danielle agrees to take her to the place where she was held and treated by Ethan.

On the beach, Eko approaches Jack and asks him about the man being kept in the hatch. Eko asks to speak the man alone, and tells Jack he will oblige if he wants the man’s existence kept a secret.

Danielle brings Claire and Kate to a clearing and says this is where Claire scratched her. Claire thinks she scratched Danielle because Danielle was bringing her back to the others. Danielle says that isn’t true and that she knows about no room. When Danielle accuses Claire of lieing, Kate pulls a gun and tells Danielle to back off. Danielle begs Kate to pull the trigger. Kate backs down and realizes Claire has disappeared.

Claire has found a tree trunk on the ground that has sparked a flashback: Ethan takes her out for a secret forbidden walk outside the bunker, telling her that his co-workers think she might run away. They sit on the tree trunk. Ethan rehashes the plan: Claire will have the baby, then leave him in the care of Dharma, where he can get the treatment he needs for his infection, and Claire will return to the survivors. Claire is agreeable to this plan, and Ethan says it is completely voluntary. He is, however, also keeping her drugged – even the ‘water’ in the canteen he shares with her tastes sour to her.

Claire finds the hidden entrance to Dharma’s underground lab. There are lights blinking down below. The three women descend. Claire enters her old nursery – almost everything is gone now. Kate finds lockers that hold the clothes worn by the Others. She also finds fake beards and theatrical glue.

Sparked by holding the one booty she finished while in captivity, Claire flashes back to being awakened by a young woman and told that she must escape immediately - the baby is going to be cut out of her tonight.

Claire finds the refrigerator that held the vaccine, but it is empty. She accuses Danielle of knowing where it is. Claire flashes back to being abandoned in the jungle and coming face to face with Danielle. Danielle saved her from the Others. Claire thanks her, and Danielle leaves, once again disappointed that she did not find Alex her missing Alex.

The three women leave the bunker. As Danielle is about to part ways, Claire tells her that she met Alex, that Alex helped her. Danielle tells Claire that if her baby is infected, she ‘knows what she must do’.

Eko and Jack arrive at the bunker. Eko is locked in with Henry. Eko confesses to Henry that he killed two ‘Others’ on the first night they arrived on the island. He tells Henry because ‘…I needed to tell someone.’ Then he brandishes a huge knife and cuts off to plaits that he had grown on his beard.

Aaron is better. Claire has a heart to heart with him, telling him that she knows they are supposed to be together.

Locke enters the armory and Henry starts playing him, asking him why he lets Jack make all the decisions. Locke says he and Jack share the decision-making, but when he leaves the armory, he wipes the dishes off the countertop, scattering and breaking them on the floor. Inside the armory, a tiny smile crosses Henry’s face.


The mobile with tiny planes that plays ‘Catch a Falling Star’ (Claire’s favorite baby song) adds weight to the theory that Dharma not only knew in advance about the plane crash, but staged it in some way.

Ethan’s supervisor refers to a ‘list’ of people to capture. This sounds like the same list that the Others use to decide who to capture – so perhaps the Others are working for or with Ethan and the people in the bunker.

It appears that the Others are actually people working for Dharma, who are dressing up as a crazed tribe in order to perhaps mask their real origins/intentions.

Like the fortune teller said, Claire must not give up the baby to someone else.

Quotable Quotes

Jack: Look, until we know who he is, whether or not he’s tellin’ the truth, we have to keep doin’ what we’re doin’. If you’ve got a better idea, let’s hear it.
Henry: [from inside the armory] How about you let me go?

Jack: Just be careful what you say to him. He’s smart – and curious. Just give us a shout when you’re done.
Locke: And if the alarm goes off, don’t tell him what it’s for.
Eko: What is it for?

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