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2.20 Two for the Road

Jack thinks that Michael, who collapsed at their feet, was just released by the Others, but Kate thinks Jack is obsessed and Michael is alone. Jack relents, lifts Michael’s unconscious body over his shoulder, and heads back to camp with Kate.

Ana listens to Locke snore and glances at the locked door of the armory.

In flashback, it is the day after Ana shot the suspect in cold blood (see episode 2.8 – Collision). Her mother/commanding officer asks where she was last night, and then takes her to the morgue to see the dead body of Jason Alder, the man she killed. Ana denies killing him. Her mother knows that Ana killed him, but she also knows the investigation will not reveal that. She asks Ana to let her help, but Ana refuses. But when Ana is confronted with her betrayal of being a cop, she hands in her badge.

Ana enters the armory with food and sees that Henry has not touched the previous plate he was given. She asks how long he is going to keep up the hunger strike. She says for a killer, he is different – very quiet. When Henry mumbles something, Ana does a dumb thing – she leans in close to hear him. He strikes out at her, knocks her off balance, and begins to strangle, telling her that she killed two of their people – good people who were leaving her alone. He says she is the killer. He is just about to finish her off when Locke arrives and knocks him out with his crutch.

In flashback, Ana is working as airport security, looking bored. At the end of the day, she stops in the airport bar to have a drink and ends up in conversation with Jack’s father Christian. He tells her he is an ex-doctor because his son ratted him out for drinking on the job. He asks Ana to come to Sydney with him; he says he is doing something dangerous in Australia and needs a bodyguard.

On the beach, Libby sees Ana’s bruises and finds out how she got them. Ana says she is fine, but Henry won’t be. Libby tells her not to do anything stupid.

Locke is checking the blast doors, but he stops to open the armory. Henry is now tied to the floor. Locke wants to know why Henry hurt Ana and not him when he had the chance. Henry says Locke is one of the good ones – but that it doesn’t matter now, as he knows Jack’s trade will not work and he will have no value. He believes he is a dead man, to be killed either by Jack or by the Others. Locke asks why his own people would want to kill him. Henry says that the man in charge is a great man, but not a forgiving man – he will be killed because he failed his mission. His mission – he was coming to get and bring back Locke. They are interrupted by the arrival of Jack, Kate, and Michael, so Locke locks Henry back in the armory.

Sawyer is near a creek, poking mangoes out of a tree with a stick. Ana arrives, put a couple in her pack, and tells Sawyer she needs a gun. Sawyer suggests she get one from her friend Jack, unless he is still traipsing around the jungle with Kate. Ana says if Sawyer is jealous, he shouldn’t take it out on her. She asks again for a gun, and he tells her to scram.

In flashback, Ana is in a hotel room. Christian knocks at the door. It is 4am, and he says he needs her for protection. They drive to a house in the suburbs. He gets out and tells Ana to wait in the car. He gets into a heated argument with the woman who answers the door, insisting that he has a right to see his daughter. When she refuses and tries to close the door, he pushes back. Ana rushes out of the car and restrains him before he gets more violent.

Hurley asks Sayid for the radio that he used to try to get a signal. He wants to give it to Libby, citing the success that the dude had in the Say Anything video. Sayid suggests that Hurley take Libby to the secluded beach that he took Shannon to once.

Michael is resting in the diner bed. Locke wants to know if the trade worked, insinuating that Michael was given up in trade. Jack doesn’t think the Others are on the honor system.

Sawyer is heading back from the creek and hears noises. Ana tries to ambush him, but when he gets the upper hand, she kisses him, and they begin to make love wildly.

In flashback, Ana is driving Christian around while he continues to drink. He tells her that the woman at the door is ‘a long story.’ He says he is here because he can’t apologize to his son. He says she came to Sydney for the same reason – to run away. He invites her in for a drink or ten, but she says no. She tries to get him to leave Sydney and go back, but he says he cannot.

Ana dresses after making love. She tells Sawyer she will kill him if he tells anyone.

Hurley is packing Dharma food into his backpack when Libby catches him and asks what he is doing. He confesses that he was packing a picnic and was hoping to surprise her and ask her to go as a ‘couple’. Libby says that is sweet and agrees to go, although the destination is still a secret.

Ana returns to the bunker and finds out that Michael is back. Jack asks how she got her head wound; Locke says she hit her head on a tap in the bathroom. Ana goes along with this story, even as she wonders about Locke’s motivations for lieing. A groan from the other room means Michael may be gaining consciousness. Michael recognizes Jack. Michael says he found them – he counted 22 of them, living in tents, eating dried fish, and not wearing shoes. He says, "They are worse off than we are." Michael says he saw no kids but they have a hatch – at least he saw two metal doors - and he thinks the kids are kept down there. He says the hatch is guarded 24/7 by two guards with two guns. All he saw were two guns, and he says most of them are old and half of them are women. Michael believes they can take the Others, and as soon as he gets his strength back, he will lead them there to rescue Walt.

Jack apologizes to Locke for stopping what he and Sayid were doing to Henry when he was first captured. Jack and Locke seem to have reached a new pact, and they agree to go together to get the guns back from Sawyer, and then to raid the Others and get Walt back. Kate, Jack, and Locke go to find Sawyer; Ana agrees to stay.

Hurley’s plan for a romantic secluded beachside getaway runs into a few problems. He can’t find the beach, and they end up on their own beach, with Jin cleaning fish a few meters away. He has also forgotten to bring blankets or something to drink. Libby heads off to get blankets and some wine.

Jack gets Sawyer’s attention and upsets him greatly by grabbing and burning the last pages of the whodunit manuscript he is reading. Jack demands to be taken to the guns, and when Sawyer refuses, Jack pulls a gun and asks him again. Sawyer goes to pull his gun and discovers for the first time that it is missing. He tells everyone that Ana stole it. And that’s when Locke decides to tell Jack how Ana really got her wound (although we do not see this on screen).

Ana slides a knife to Henry and tells him to cut himself free. He asks why; she says he knows why. Henry says that Goodwin thought she was worthy and she could be changed; she says he was going to kill her. Henry plants the seed of doubt that this wasn’t the case. Ana asks if he is done; he says he is. She raises the gun and points it at him.

In flashback, Jack is back at the airport counter, pleading for the airline to take his father’s casket on the plane, while Ana and Jin wait in line behind and look on. Ana breaks away to call her mother and admit she made a mistake. She asks if she can come home. Her mother agrees.

Michael gets up and finds Ana sitting on the lounge, playing with her gun. Michael is told that Sawyer has all the guns. Ana tells Michael that she tried to kill Henry but couldn’t. Michael says he will do it – that the Others are animals that took his son out of his hands. Ana gives him the gun and the combination. Michael then shoots Ana, and when Libby surprises him, he shoots her too. Michael opens the armory, and shoots himself in the arm.


What dangerous thing was Jack’s father doing in Australia? Up to now, I just thought he went there to drink himself to death. Granted, that is dangerous, but you don’t need a bodyguard for that.

Now that we know that Libby was in the mental institution, she does look a little mad – especially her eyes.

Michael’s story about the Others being worse off doesn’t gel with Kate’s story about costumes and beards – unless Dharma infiltrated the real Others or posed as them to capture people to use in experiments. Perhaps the real Others are innocent.

Locke probably lied about how Ana hurt herself to protect Henry, now that he knows that Henry wants Locke to join the Others. But this could backfire if Ana kills Henry – then Locke will either have to continue to protect Ana, or admit that he lied.

Sawyer is reading a manuscript titled ‘Bad Twin.’ A real book was later written with this title; it contains tie-ins and clues related to Lost.

On face value, I would assume that the Others told Michael that they would kill Walt if he didn’t free Henry. Michael will give Henry the gun and make it look like he escaped and killed Ana and Libby.

What a shocking, stomach-churning ending! I don’t know if either Ana or Libby are dead (it certainly seems like Ana is), but either way, what Michael did was really sick.


When Sawyer and Ana were making love, Sawyer’s pants were of course off, and we saw that his gun was on the ground. But when Jack pulls a gun on him, he reaches into his pants, finds his gun missing, and says that Ana stole it. How could this be the first time he noticed the gun was missing? Wouldn’t he have noticed when he went to get dressed after they made love?

Quotable Quotes

Locke: Why would your own people want to kill you?
Henry: Because the man in charge – he’s a great man, John – a brilliant man – but he’s not a forgiving man. He’ll killed me because I failed, John – I failed my mission.
Locke: What mission?
Henry: When that woman caught me in her trap, I was on my way here, John. I was coming for you.

Ana: You tell anyone about this, and I’ll kill you.
Sawyer: I guess that takes cuddling off the table.

Jack: You were right.
Locke: Right about what?
Jack: About Henry. What you and Sayid did to him when you first found him. You were right. I don’t like how you did it, but I shouldn’t have gotten in your way.
Locke: Well, you did what you thought was right at the time you thought it, Jack. I just hope that next time you decide to do something, you include me. And something tells me that’s gonna be soon.
Jack: You heard Michael. We can take them.
Locke: Our friend with the beard told us not to cross the line.
Jack: These people are liars, John. Why the hell should we take their word on anything?
Locke: I couldn’t agree more. So – now what?
Ana: What are you going?
Locke: To get our guns back from Sawyer.

"Maybe if I get drunk enough I’ll remember where I know you from."
- Hurley to Libby

Jack: It’s time to give us the guns back.
Sawyer: You burn the ending of my book, and now you want -
Locke: Where are they, James?
Sawyer: You too, Brutus?

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