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2.9 What Kate Did

Sun and Jin are back together, emerging from their tent in the morning happy and content. In he distance, Kate watches Sayid digging a grave for Shannon.

Jack is treating Sawyer’s shoulder. Sawyer asks for Kate, and, in a feverish state, says that he loves her.

Kate is in the jungle, high up in a tree, gathering fruit and almost falling out. On the ground again, she sees a beautiful black stallion in the jungle; it runs off.

In flashback, Kate is waiting at a house when a drunk man returns home. Kate helps him into bed. He makes a couple of drunk disgusting passes at her. She frees herself and rides off on her motorcycle. Soon after, the house completely explodes in flames.

At a diner, Kate asks the waitress for a beer. The waitress asks for ID. "I’m 24, mom," replies Kate. Her mom gives her coffee instead. Kate gives her mom and insurance policy for the house, and leaves.

Jack goes to Shannon’s funeral on the beach, leaving the slightly shakey Kate in charge of Sawyer.

Eko tells Ana that he is going to Shannon’s funeral, but she says she doesn’t think she will go. Eko tells her that he thinks most people know Shannon’s death was an accident.

At Shannon’s funeral, Sayid makes a beautiful, tear-laden statement before walking away. The mourners file in to drop soil into her grave.

Kate is mashing fruit for Sawyer. When he begins mumbling, she bends down near him and he suddenly grabs her roughly, asking why she killed him.

Jack and Locke return to the bunker with the alarm going and 23 seconds left before the countdown ends. Locke just gets the code entered in time. Jack finds Sawyer unconscious, laying beside the bed, with no sign of Kate.

In the jungle, Charlie catches up to the fast-walking Kate. Kate continues on her own, looking for that horse.

In flashback, Kate buys a bus ticket when she is captured by the marshall.

At the beach, Jack asks Charlie where Kate is. Charlie says she is headed back to the caves. Jack heads off in pursuit.

At the bunker, Locke frees Jin from his handcuff. Michael discovers blast doors that will lower in the event of an explosion. For a possible explanation, Locke suggests they watch the Dharma movie, and Eko says he wants to see it too.

Jack tracks down Kate and asks what she is doing. When she doesn’t respond, Jack holds her until she calm down. Suddenly, they kiss. When they stop, she runs off.

At the conclusion of the movie, Michael and Locke discuss what the movie means. When Locke asks Eko for his opinion, he silently rises and leaves.

Kate sits at Shannon’s grave. Sayid arrives and places beads on Shannon’s cross.

In flashback, the marshall is driving Kate back to the arraignment on a rainy night. He asks why Kate killed her step-dad, then puts forward his reasons why. When the car hits a tree, Kate uses the opportunity to knock the marshall out and steal the car. As she is about to drive away, she sees a black stallion.

Michael takes a look at the computer setup.

Eko is waiting at the dinner table. Weaving his tale from a bible story, he presents Locke with a hollowed out bible that Ana’s group found in the bunker on the other side of the island. The hollow contains the missing frames from the Dharma film.

Hurley wonders if the fact that Jack is chopping wood (a job normally done by Sawyer) means that Jack hates Sawyer, but Jack denies it.

In flashback, Kate enters an army recruiting center where her Dad is at a desk. She asks her dad why he didn’t tell her that he was not her dad – and that Wayne – the man who she killed – was her real father.

Kate talks to Sawyer, whom she believe is ‘haunted’ by the ghost of Wayne. She tells him she kills him because she hated that he was a part of her – that she would never be any good. Sawyer regains partial consciousness at this point, and Kate is relieved.

Locke helps Eko splice together the full film, while Locke wonders what the odds were that the film would ever be rejoined.

Kate supports Sawyer for a walk outside, to prove to him that they have not been rescued. They both see the horse this time.

Jack brings Ana a couple of bottles of tequila.

The missing segment of film is a stern warning that the computer must not be used for communication with the outside world, or another ‘incident’ may occur.

While Michael is fiddling with the computer cables, he notices typing on the screen:

Michael types: "Hello?"
Someone types: "Who is this?"
Michael types: "This is Michael"
Someone types: "Dad?"


I don’t think Ana has her gun anymore. At least I don’t see it sticking out of her pants. But we never saw her surrender it to Jack or anyone else.

Why would someone remove the segment of film that forbids people from using the computer to communicate with the outside world?

Is that really Walt, or is it a trap being set by someone?


Kate says she can take care of herself, and we know she is a skilled tracker. So how did a huge horse get within a couple of feet of her without her hearing or sensing anything?

Memorable Moments

  • The Walt cliffhanger ending

Quotable Quotes

Shanon and I were strangers. We never would have met if…we wouldn’t even have spoken if…but we did meet, and we did speak. At least…I loved her."
- Sayid

Kate: Do you believe in ghosts, Sayid?
Sayid: I saw Walt in the jungle just before Shannon was shot. Does that make me crazy?

"Don’t mistake coincidence for fate."
- Eko to Locke

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