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2.4 Everybody Hates Hugo

Hugo walks through the store room in a delirious daze, eating candy bars, finding and taking bites from steak dinners and ice cream sundaes, and guzzling milk from the carton, until he is interrupted by Jin, who speaks perfect English. He is awakened by Kate, just four minutes before the counter was going to expire.

Michael is getting impatient, and Sawyer’s shoulder wound is still bleeding. Their waiting is ended when Ana-Lucia and the black man insist that Jin and Michael climb out, leaving Sawyer alone.

In flashback, Hurley realizes he has won the mega lotto jackpot. When he passes out and his mother finds him on the floor, she blames his slovenly lifestyle and berates him to change his life. He doesn’t tell her about the winning ticket.

Charlie grills Hurley on the contents of the hatch, but Hurley doesn’t say much, which annoys Charlie.

Hurley visits Rose and is surprised when she shows no interest in what is in the hatch. Hurley brings her inside to help him with the job of sorting through the food. Jack is unhappy that Hurley told someone.

Claire’s walk on the beach is interrupted when she finds the messages in the bottle that were being carried by the guys on the raft.

Hurley and Rose are charged with making an inventory of all the items in the storeroom. Rose talks about her husband Bernard, and has to correct Hurley when he speaks of Bernard in the past tense, since she says she knows he is still alive. Hurley worries that everyone will hate him, but Rose assures him that he is the one that everyone loves. Kate interrupts to ask for and take a bottle of shampoo, despite the weak protestations of caretaker Hurley.

In flashback, Hurley has not quit his low-level job at a fast-food chicken joint, although he is fingering the winning ticket and thinking about it. When his boss berates him for eating chicken on the job and giving out too many napkins to customers, Hurley quits. Inspired by Hurley, his friend quits too.

Locke stops to eat some fruit and asks his hidden shadow to come out. Charlie emerges from the jungle. He has been following Locke to find out the secrets that are hidden from him.

Deep inside the hatch, Sayid has discovered an electromagnetic field and, possibly, a way around it by going under it.

The others have allowed Michael, Jin, and Sawyer to join the group, and they now belive that they were also on the plane. Ana-Lucia hits Sawyer quite a few times in and effort to make it clear to him that she is in charge and he is supposed to obey her rules.

Locke tells Charlie pretty much everything about the hatch – the counter, the man who fled, and the food, and who is in charge of the food – Hurley. Immediately, Charlie confronts Hurley with this knowledge and asks for peanut butter and gets miffed when Hurley doesn’t give in.

In flashback, Hurley and his friend are in a record store, giving bad reviews to Driveshaft, and flirting with a Starla, a cute girl at the headphone counter.

Sayid and Jack have climbed underneath the structure and find a geothermal generator. Sayid says that the concrete that was poured over everything reminds him of Chernobyl. They are interrupted by a hissing sound which Jack traces to Kate in the shower.

The raft boys are led to the underground shelter where the other survivors have been living. One of them (Libby) had told Michael that there were 23 survivors. There are only a handful remaining now, however.

Claire, Shannon, baby and dog visit Sun in her garden and give her the bad news about finding the message bottle from the raft.

Hurley breates Locke for telling Charlie all about the hatch. Hurley wants to quit, but Locke says he cannot. Hurley leaves the hatch and is next seen carefully lifting two sticks of dynamite from a hidey hole in within a tree.

In flashback, Hurley and his friend are stealing garden gnomes and loading them in a van. They take them to their former boss’s house and lay them out in a ‘Cluck You’ pattern. Hurley asks his friend to promise that no matter what happens, they’ll never change. They stop at a convenience store where a film crew is interviewing the clerk who sold the winning lottery ticket. He recognizes Hurley…and the cameras start flashing.

Rose discovers Hurley laying the stick of dynamite inside the storeroom. Rose wants an explanation. Hurley says the windfall of food will mess everything up, in the same way as his windfall of money messed up the relationships he had prior to winning it.

Hurley comes up with an alternate plan for the food – to give it out to people as gifts, all at once, like Santa Claus.

Off to the side, Jin buries the message bottle deep under the sand, preserving the illusion that the messages – and the sailors – are still on their journey.

Just to mess with our prejudiced minds, the white ‘other’ guy who meets the sailors at the shelter asks about Rose. He is Bernard (not the black guy). Note that Rose never said her husband was black.

Back on the beach, Rose pockets the candy bar she got from Hurley, saving it for another, better time in the future.


Perhaps the Others are being led by an aggressive, evil leader, but for the most part they are, or at least were, decent people.

I just realized that Charlie is acting a little more like a guy who is taking drugs again.

Quotable Quotes

"Everything’s going to change. Have a cluckity cluck cluck day, Hugo."
Jin, speaking in Hugo’s dream

Ana-Lucia: You do what I tell you. When I say, "move" you move. When I say "stop" you stop. When I say "jump", what do you say?
Sawyer: You first.

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