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2.21 ?

Eko is still busy building his church. Ana visits and asks what he is building. The scene morphs into a dream that Eko is having. Ana suddenly has a gunshot wound in her chest and is bleeding from the mouth. She tells Eko he needs to help John. Eko arrives at the bunker and finds his brother alive. His brother tells him that the work being done ‘in this place’ (the bunker) is important. He says Eko must help John, as he has lost his way. He says Eko must make John take him to the question mark. The counter spins in black and red question marks. Eko’s brother says John will not want to show him the question mark, so he must make him do it. He warns him that there are many distractions, but he must move past them. And he says to bring the axe.

Eko wakes up sweating and stressed. He grabs the axe and tells Charlie that he must find John.

Sawyer, Kate, Jack, and Locke are heading back to the hatch at the fastest pace that Locke can muster on crutches. On the way, they argue about whose fault this problem is: Sawyer for losing the gun, or Locke for not telling anyone that Henry tried to strangle Ana. When they reach the door of the hatch, Michael stumbles out, his arm bleeding, claiming that he woke from sleeping, heard gunshots, and was shot by some guy. Inside, they find that Ana is dead, but Michael gets very interested when Libby coughs up blood; she is very much alive. She is in shock and is not speaking. Jack wants to follow Henry’s trail, believing, of course, that he shot three people. Sawyer tells him he must stay to take care of Libby. Eko, who showed up at this opportune time, volunteers to go, and asks Locke to come with to do the tracking.

In flashback, Eko is dressed as a priest and is hearing a confession in a church in Brisbane. The confessor is actually the man Eko hired to forge an Australian passport for him. The monsignor wanders by and says Eko has to postpone his trip because a miracle has occurred. A woman tells how her daughter drowned, but came back to life the next day. Eko (Father Tundi) is assigned to investigate the miracle.

Eko leads Locke into the woods and asks him where the question mark is. Locke says he doesn’t have to tell him anything, and receives a head butt. When Locke awakens, Eko has started a fire. Eko persists in his question mark question. Locke gives the diagram to Eko. Locke is still dealing with guilt over Ana’s death. Eko tells of his dream – that he and Locke must go to the question mark together, as Ana told them to do.

In flashback, Eko is interviewing the undertaker who started to do the autopsy and found the girl was alive. An audio tape made at the autopsy seems to confirm that she really was dead until the undertaker started the autopsy.

Eko has assumed that Locke’s diagram is a map. It leads them to the site of the plane crash where Boone was fatally injured.

At the hatch, Jack is wondering what Locke and Eko are. Kate suggests he calm down. Michael asks if Libby has said anything. Jack says she is unconscious, but the bleeding has stopped. Jack says he needs the heroin. Sawyer says to give him 20 minutes. Jack insists that Kate go with him. Why? Because then Sawyer has to show Kate where the guns are too, or be forced to let Libby suffer. After Kate and Sawyer leave, Jack wanders away from the area, and Michael thinks about getting up and approaching Libby.

Kate asked Sawyer how Ana got his gun. Sawyer just says she lifted it. Sawyer brings Kate to his stash, which he keeps in a hole inside his tent. When they come out, Hurley asks if they have seen Libby. Kate tells him what has happened.

It is morning, and Eko sees his brother calling to him. Locke is still asleep. Eko follows him to the top of the cliff, using the axe to help him climb. At the top, Eko falls. It is Locke’s dream, and when he wakes up, he tells Eko about it. Eko walks toward the cliff, ready to climb.

In flashback, Eko visits the house where the girl lives. The father is the same psychic that spoke to Claire. The psychic says that the daughter had hypothermia, and that there are no miracles in the world. Eko says he agrees, but as he turns to leave, he makes eye contact with the girl, who is watching him from the window.

Eko climbs the cliff, almost slips, but makes it. At the top of the cliff, he looks down and sees a circle of dirt near where the plane fell. He climbs back down and tastes the soil – it has been salted so nothing will grow. Eko finds something buried in the dirt. They move the plane and discover another hatch, leading straight down via a narrow passage and a wall ladder.

Jack cracks the statue and gets the heroin ready for Libby. Hurley confides in Michael, telling him that he and Libby were going to have their first date. Hurley tells Michael that he is glad he is okay.

Eko and Locke descend the hatch. Locke finds and flicks a light switch. They discover a control room, complete with two comfortable chairs and about twelve old-fashioned concave television screens. Locke turns on the TVs. The first image that appears is of the hatch – with Jack walking by. Eko finds old empty notebooks. Locke finds an old pneumatic mail tube and sends his diagram off to some other place. Eko finds another Dharma orientation video. They play it. Titled ‘Orientation – Station 5 – The Pearl’, it features the same asian speaker as the other film. He identifies himself as Dr Mark Wickman.  He says The Pearl is a station for monitoring a behavioral experiment being conducted in other Dharma areas.

In flashback, Eko is leaving Australia when the girl who died walks up to him at the airport to deliver a message from her brother that he is a good priest, and that he has faith in you. Eko is unbelieving, but there is no denying the validity of her claim.

Eko tells the story of the coincidence of losing his brother and finding him again on the island, and says again that pushing the button is important. He says if Locke will not do it, he will.

Jack is relieving Libby’s pain by injecting her with heroin. Hurley asks to speak to her.

Libby dies with Michael’s name on her lips, but she is unable to tell that Michael shot her. Kate is crying; Sawyer comforts her. Jack is businesslike and sad as he packs away his medical implements. Eko and Locke are heading back to the hatch. And Michael stands near Ana’s body, looking ominous.


I suppose it is karma that Ana was killed. After what she ‘accidentally’ did to Shannon, she kind of deserved it.

It’s nice that Sawyer not only gave up the location of the guns rather than let Libby suffer, and also did not kiss and tell about Ana, even when he had the opportunity.

Now it seems obvious that pushing the button is a test, nothing more. So I don’t understand Eko’s argument that it is important.

Memorable Moments

  • The discovery of the observation room

  • Libby’s death

Quotable Quotes

Locke: So what’s next?
Eko: We make camp, get some sleep, and wait for further instruction.

Eko: Would you like to watch that again?
Locke: No. No, I’ve seen enough.

I was never meant to do ANYTHING! Every single second of my PATHETIC little life is as useless AS THAT BUTTON! You think it’s important? You think it’s necessary? It’s nothing; it’s nothing. It’s meaningless. And who are you to tell me that it’s not?"
- Locke

Hurley: Hey, it’s me. Hurley. Hugo. I’m sorry I forgot the blankets. I’m sorry I forgot the blankets.
Libby: Michael!
Jack: Michael. It’s okay. He made it, Libby. It’s okay, it’s alright.

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