Monday, March 3, 2008

2.5 …And Found

Sun and Claire are washing out clothes on the beach, discussing whether the raft made it, when Sun suddenly realizes she has lost her wedding ring.

In flashback, despite her resistance, Sun’s mother is hooking Sun up with a man by using a matchmaker, because her father says the time is right.

Across town, Jin is dressing up for a job interview, while his friend consults the charts and tells him love is in the air and it is ‘orange’. Jin says he cannot take care of a woman, as he can barely take care of himself.

The others have decided that they will gather food and water and head back to ‘where they came from.’ Ana splits them into pairs (except for Jin, who goes fishing with Ana and Bernard).

Sun is still searching frenetically and tells Jack that she lost her ring. Jack offers to help look but Sun refuses.

Ana tries to get Jin to help them fish, but Jin does his own thing and prompty nets three big ones.

In flashback, Jin gets the job, but not before he is demeaned for being from a small fishing town.

Libby apologizes to Michael for throwing them in the pit, citing ‘trust issues.’

Mr Echo gives a present to Sawyer: a hand-made machete for his protection. Libby interrupts to say that Michael has run off into the jungle. Jin makes the case that it must be related to Walt. Ana wants the group to leave; Jin tries to convince Sawyer to come with him to find Michael, but Sawyer is only concerned with himself. Jin is temporarily stopped by Mr Echo. There is a brief fight and standoff – then, surprisingly, Mr Echo leaves with Jin.

Hurley helps Sun to search for the ring, with his theory that Vincent ate it – which makes the search area somewhat distasteful.

In flashback, Sun and her mother meet the family and the man she is being hooked up with at the hotel where Jin works as the doorman. Jin’s big bow assures that they do not meet or see each other. Despite the setup, the two are enjoying each other’s company.

In search of Michael, Jin sidesteps a boar and finds a body impaled by a spear, killed by the real Others.

Sun tears apart her garden in frustration and is discovered by Locke.

In flashback, Sun waits for her date, Mr. Lee. He arrives and graciously borrows a lapel flower from Jin. But he tells Sun that he is going to marry an American woman he met while at Harvard. Disapointed, Sun leaves.

Mr Echo find Michael’s tracks, telling Jin that ‘they don’t leave tracks.’ A suspicious sound causes Jin and Echo to hide while a gang of Others passes by; only their legs can be seen. One of them carries a teddy bear on a little rope. Echo says they do not have Michael.

In flashback, Jin lets a ‘common’ man and his son into the hotel lobby because the boy needs a toilet. When his boss berates him once again, Jin quits on the spot.

On the beach, Sun and Kate discuss the missing ring. Sun tells Kate that the message bottle was found – and buried.

Sawyer stops to rest and receives water, and perhaps the first signs of compassion, from Ana.

Echo separates from Jin to find Michael’s trail. Michael appears and tells Jin to go back, then takes off with Jin in pursuit. Echo and Jin join Michael in their search for Walt.

Sun finds her wedding ring near where she buried the message bottle.

In flashback, Sun and Jin meet by literally bumping into each other.

Sun and Kate sit together and watch the sun set over the ocean.


It hasn’t been adequately explained why the others are always on edge.

Jin gets a lot to do in this episode, and the writing for him is excellent. He can now use one or two learned English words to communicate important ideas and concepts.

It is unclear to me whether Echo and Jin have joined Michael in the search for Walt, ofr if they convinced him to come back with them.

Memorable Moments

  • The conflict between Jin, Sawyer, Ana, and Mr Echo

  • The look on Sun’s face when she answers Hurley’s question about good Korea / bad Korea (in fact, all the faces she makes during that conversation are priceless)

Quotable Quotes

- Jin’s one-word that answers a multitude of questions

The Seoul Gateway Hotel is one of the finest hotels in the country. Do not open the door for people like you."
- Hotel boss to Jin

Michael: Why don’t you head inland? That’s where all the fruit is on our side.
Libby: We don’t go that way.
Michael: Why?
Libby: ‘cause that’s where they come from.

Hurley: So, Seoul…is that in the good Korea or the bad Korea?
Sun: The good one.

Locke: I used to get angry all the time; frustrated too.
Sun: You’re not frustrated anymore?
Locke: I’m not lost anymore.
Sun: How did you do that?
Locke: Same way anything lost gets found: I stopped lookin’.

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