Sunday, March 9, 2008

2.8 Collision

In flashback, Ana is shooting target practice with a handgun at a firing range. Next, she is at her psychologist, talking about her boyrfriend breakup. The psychologist says she is ready to return to work – work as a police officer for the city of Los Angeles.

Sayid attacks Ana, and Echo steps in. When Sayid is winning that fight, Ana cold-cocks him, then points the gun at everyone else. Ana insists on staying in control, even though she shot an innocent woman.

In flashback, Ana is assigned to a desk job by her captain/mother, despite her request to get back on patrol. When she requests a transfer, her mother gives in and lets her back on control.

Jack shares fruit with Rose and finds a golf ball in his wash basin. It came from Kate. She’s down the beach with Charlie and Hurley, taking a few swings. Jack comes down to give her tips, and Kate challenges him to a three hole tournament.

Ana now fears what the others will do when they find out she killed Shannon. She wants to stay put, but Echo hoists Sawyer over his shoulders and heads for camp.

In flashback, Ana is back on patrol in a car with a partner. They respond to a domestic disturbance, and Ana pulls a weapon way too early; her partner tells her to holster her weapon, and she complies.

Michael brings Sayid water, even though Ana is brandishing a gun.

When Jack hits an errant shot, he ends up at a creek and is surprised by Echo and Sawyer. Jack, Kate, and Echo bring Sawyer to the bunker for a cold shower to get his fever down.

Ana says that if Michael brings ammo, medical supplies, and a pack, she will let Sayid go (and, presumably, head off alone).

In flashback, Ana’s partner continues to complain about her attitude. They are interrupted by another cop saying that they got the man that tried to kill Ana with hollow point bullets made to penetrate a police vest. Ana says it isn’t the guy, and her mother doesn’t understand why she is denying it.

Echo tells Locke that a girl was shot and killed. Locke knows it was Shannon.

Sawyer has gone septic. Jack is treating Sawyer, but Kate has better luck by holding him and whispering to him.

Bernard and Libby decide to leave Ana, and Ana kicks Jin out, too, leaving just she and Sayid. Michael is rushing back to camp and meets Sun. He tells her Jin is okay, and they rush off to find Jack.

Jack is trying to get info from Echo, but he saying nothing. Michael and Sun arrive, and Jack loads up two scope rifles. Echo tries to stop him; when he says, "Ana-Lucia made a mistake," Jack remembers her from their bar conversation at the airport. Echo says he take Jack there alone with no guns, and Jack agrees.

Ana tries to make small talk with Sayid while walking the knife’s edge of indecision: should she / will she kill him?

In flashback, Ana is having a drink at the bar where the man who shot her is hanging out. She has purposely let him go so she can stalk him and shoot him down, telling him she was pregnant at the time of her shooting.

Ana frees Sayid and invites him to kill her, but he refuses. He walks to Shannon’s body and embraces her.

Kate is at Sawyer’s bedside as he twists in a feverish pain. She keeps telling him he will be alright.

Michael returns to the beach and is glad to see Vincent again.

Jin, Libby and Bernard emerge from the jungle. Charlie and others hug Jin, and Bernard and Rose embrace. Jin and Sun run to each other and embrace warmly.

Echo leads Jack to Sayid, who is carrying Shannon out of the jungle, and Ana, who meets Jack’s gaze for awhile before lowering her eyes.


Now even Jack knows that Kate loves Sawyer.

It will be interesting to see if Ana stays, and if she can blend in with the group and stop killing people. Since Kate is seemingly pairing off with Sawyer, Ana and Jack could get something going – but is she too crazy?

What happened to Cindy? Should we assume that she was taken by the Others?

Memorable Moments

  • Jack, Kate, and Echo meet

Quotable Quotes

"Where is the doctor?"
- Echo’s first line to Jack

"Nice job. I never learned the whole ‘whispering in the ear’ thing in med school."
- Jack to Kate

Sayid: Are you going to kill me? That’s what you’re thinking about, isn’t it?
Ana: Should I?
Sayid: Almost 40 days ago on this very island, I tied a man to a tree and I tortured him. I tortured him as I tortured many men. Men whose voices I still hear in the night. Should you kill me? Maybe you should. Maybe you were meant to.

"What good would it be to kill you, if we’re both already dead?"
- Sayid to Ana

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